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Posted in Babysitting on 17th November 2010

question of sami_sam : biting kitty …?
So my friend and I are “Kitty sitting” my friends 5 month old kitten, while her husband is in Iraq. (If you have a baby and does not want much the same with the cat … he wanted to, she didn’t) When we got was a brat, scratching and biting all the time. she has calmed down a bit because it gets much more attention, but she bites a lot. it does not scratch at all, however, and when she bites, I think she’s still playing because they never bite my face. she rarely leaves caress me though. How can I stop biting them? We have a spray bottle that we do it with spray, if it does, it seems to really work. Are there other things we can try? Not neutering the cat? that’s a pretty stupid answer, of course, we will spay her, so they try to get out and cry to walk around the house for weeks normally. It also calms them down. My mother bred cats for a long time, were all girls of obnoxious when in the heat waren.Außerdem she has been here for about a month, so the site isn’t a problem. She’s definitely made himself at home. And she has lots of toys with her that she loves playing, so that isn’t a problem. she has a bed, but there’s usually too hot and she sleeps on the tile. she will come and sleep with us sometimes, and she lets me pet them when they do super tired ist.Als for what we scream, we usually “ow” or “no” answer to her best .

reply glaciersunrise I
the same problem with a 4.5-month-old kitten I have, we teach the kitten that it is okay to bite, when faced with a puppet play or otherwise, on our hands, but we tend to shout “Ouch!” to when it bites our hands directly, screaming works, and then ignore the cat learns that behavior is not desirable, is better than the water bottle (which is not always as fast as shouting)

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