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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Ashley Nicole 😕 “Best way to discipline a toddler”
my son who is 21mths old .. is very mischiveous .. he terrible “hit 2’s only a few weeks earlier I had his brother. He loves everything upside down! My husband and I are moving and we are to have goin ensure that local baby proof! But how was I to him discipline when I tell him that dont mess with .. and he does it again? Im not sure what to do? “I tell him” no Bubba this is not a toy “and he will leave it alone.. then 10 minutes later he’s with her . confused again will I try not to cry, but if I do not feel well or just not in the best mood .. it the best of mir.Bitte, some good advice and help Best Answer.

reply from Anil
Stop messing with him.

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