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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question by Mama of 2 boys and girls : Anyone tried the “I dont care” method ?
Here’s a little story before I say answers, he is not ready, he is afraid of the toilet, he blocked ist.Ich began toilet training at 2 years old, he got the hang of it, except for the pooping thing, then we have stopped because I was pregnant and he began to regress, so we stopped. We brought him back to 2 1 / 2 and he loves it, we got the diapers at night going on, has never had an accident …. except the pooping thing. He’s now 3 to do for a month and is still not pooping regularly to the toilet, I saw him there, I know he can. It’s just a game, a power struggle. We each approach, rewards, praise tried what to sit him if we knew he had to go, I mean everything, and he is still gewohnt.Meine question then has anyone tried the i dont care approach? If the baby poops you just said or act like you dont care, clean him and change him and then weitermachen.Funktioniert it? How long did it take until the child is doing on your own wa take Thanks for any help Best Answer:

reply mx3baby
I still have to struggle with potty training my 3 year old because he is resistant, but if you plugged your son is white, it might help you even if You did what you can help loosen his Hocker.Best wishes!

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