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Posted in Child Support on 31st May 2012

putting my babies father on child support?
the problem is that will make us break up but in order for my child to get medicaid i will have to sue the father and put him on child support. he doesnt want to be on child support, but i dont see why its so bad to him. it shows proof he has been taking care of our child(so i cant sue him for back child support) and its based on income. i dont want to tell him that i will eventually put him on it until i get a paper in the mail saying its either child support or no medicaid. what i’ve tried to get through his head is that if our baby gets sick we cant afford to pay doctors bills and thats the best thing, and we won’t have to worry about paying for doctors bills and his medicines. but he just sees it as “child support” what can i do? im 18 and im trying to be the best mother and be an adult at the same time. i have to do whats best for me and him. if he cant accept the fact he’ll have to be on it is it best we just break up all together? he talks big like he’ll pay for the doctors bills but in the end i’d be the one getting stuck paying for it because he cant pay $ 300 out of pocket then $ 50 here and there for medicine if our baby ever gets sick.

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Answer by Kristen
you have to do what’s right for your baby first, especially with something as important as medical insurance. Explain that to him, and if he doesn’t understand that, it is probably best that you have the assurance of child support anyway. If he’s not willing to face the responsibility of child support, what other things will he back down from, especially if your baby gets sick? You never know what will happen, and hopefully you won’t need an extensive amount from medicaid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry in a situation as important as your baby’s health.

Answer by alicialions
I don’t understand what you are talking about…what is putting the father on child support?

Answer by charlottesmommy
Do neither of you have a job that offers health insurance?

Answer by S B
If that breaks you up, then you’re better off in my opinion. Unfortunately though, you’ll be dealing with this man until your child is 18 or older. The games parents play with the issues of child support, visitation, etc, is so damaging to the child too.

Perhaps he would rather marry you so that you are protected by the laws of marriage? If not, then you need a child support agreement for sure.

What really gets me though is him having trouble with seeing it as “child support,” like it’s a bad thing. Is he hiding from something? He sounds like a loser to me.

Take it to court and get your $ $ and if he doesn’t pay, have him arrested. Then you wont have to deal with him. There’s plenty of potential step-dads out there too!

Answer by Bella
Protect yourself and your baby. He doesn’t want to be on support because that would be too much like someone telling him what to do, and you know how men are… they like to think they have it under control and don’t need anyone telling them anything.

Bottom line, unless you’re prepared to get stuck with all the bills, do it, because we both know he won’t come through for you when the chips are down. So what if you break up, it would be easier without all his drama.

Answer by nelawala
Screw sparing his feelings.

If he claims he can pay for medical insurance then tell him there would be no difference paying medical insurance than paying child support.Money is money.

If he isn’t willing for the child to be put on medical insurance, I would break up with him.The kid comes first.

Answer by Lola
Quit playing games and get your crap together.
File for child support, even if you dont apply for medicaid. Period point blank.
Doesnt matter what he thinks.

Answer by Fred
from what i just read your saying you wont him to pay child support so your baby well get what he needs.will that sounds like what he should do.it’s he’s son and why not help take CARE of him.he is the dad.so what’s the problem that he wont help out.just because you are paying child support dose not mean that you should not do what’s right.like she said that if you do that it well show that you are doing what you are sup-post to do for your son.look i got my son on my SS and i don’t main doing that because i know it’s helping him.he can get what he needs when ever he needs it.so step up and be a dad for your son do what you need to do for him.so be a man and do what’s right.now that’s the best advice i can give you.your friend fred

Answer by VoiceofCommonSense
Child support is for the child. Not for you, and not to spare his feelings. If he can’t put his kid first, he’s not worth having around.
It doesn’t matter what he sees as child support. The courts and a judge decide that. They’ll garnish his wages if necessary.

Answer by angela
First of all him paying child support does not mean that you can not get medicaid. They go by you income and how many is in the household. If he is working and his job does not offer insurance and does not make enough to get it on his own then you can get medicaid. In most states you have to have an income over 1200.00 a month to not be able to get it. If there is more than 2 people in the house then the income max is more. If he is not living with you than you will have no trouble getting medicaid for your child. By the way its not putting the father ON child support its making him pay child support.

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