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Posted in Child Support on 16th March 2014

proof of misusing child support money?
We have no money for a lawyer or to go to court … pretty broke. But the ex’s wife sent an email to my sister in law stating my ex-husband is not using the child support money on our child, instead it goes straight to drugs. I also checked his myspace page not to long ago and he wrote a blog about how he was on drugs and needed help but refuses to go to rehab. If I take the email and blog page to domestics and tell them my ex is using the money for drugs can they do anything? What can they do?

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Answer by divot II
You can speak with the police or sheriff’s department about your knowledge of his criminal activities. It’s free, babe. No attorney required. You seem to think there is a crime, or something, of “misuse of child support.” Not so. Your coa (cause of action) isn’t about the child support, it’s about not being in the child’s bests interests to be in the custody of a druggy. BTW, “a blog” isn’t really proof of anything, unless he admits it was true. He could say it was him showing off, being cool, making stuff up. “A blog” is not a statement under oath.

It’s not about what “they” can do. You can file a motion to amend custody.

Answer by allfoamnobeer
You have a few options. 1. You can try a file the paperwork with the court who handled the dissolution (not recommended). 2. You can call you local bar asssociation and see if they have a list of attorneys who handle this sort of thing on a pro bono (free) or much reduced rate. 3. You can go to the courthouse and see if there are what are called “family law facilitators” and see if they can help you do it yourself (relative to No. 1 above). Or 4. You can call your legal aid group and have them try to help.

If what you’re saying is true, you need to do something and do it quickly. Your child’s well being and safety are the most important thing.

Answer by Amy Kloster
You certainly should at least try to use this evidence. Electronic evidence in court cases is kind of a sticky subject. This law article talks about some of the issues with electronic evidence: http://www.hullandzimmerman.com/articles/electronic-evidence-gathering/ But it is becoming increasingly the most common form of evidence. You stated that you can’t afford a lawyer, but you may want to at least briefly consult with one or go to a free legal advisory clinic to discuss how you will present the evidence before you proceed with the court.

Answer by George McCasland
So, who is supporting the child, or have they died of starvation?

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