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Posted in Babysitting on 7th August 2013

prepare to have a baby?
My friend and I are planning on a baby in April. but I want us both to be as prepared for a baby, as we can. so anyone have any ideas for exerices (not moving train) and things for us to try / do to prepare for it. thankks (: Best Answer (s):

Reply by Rishab
u mean your husband … Remember. always wait for it to come or it may never come

response of sheeba
pool while rocking on hands and knees, tilt the pelvis under the deep abdominal muscles from contracting. As you learn, try to pay attention to the abdominal contraction. This will take you from trying to prevent the pelvis from tilting arching the back. If done properly, the movement is very small and should be back relatively You flach.HockenHalten your feet planted firmly on the ground, lower your upper body in a slight curve, lower your bottom to the floor by bending your knees and Hüften.Wenn you find it difficult to keep the balance, to stand in front of a table, counter, heavy chair or another person, and keep him / her while your body to senken.Um from a squat pick up first down, then attach the upper part of the body back into alignment. This helps to prevent putting unnecessary pressure on the knees, which are more susceptible to injury during pregnancy because of the hormone relaxin sind.KegelDie Kegel exercises a series of muscle contractions that you take several weeks, is to master. Build up slowly, so that you strengthen yourself at least a week to start and control the Muskels.Um, try to isolate the pelvic floor by contracting as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Not at first about letting go of the contraction worry, just leave it on your entspannen.Der second step is to learn how to let go of Kontraktion.Dann begin building the strength of the muscle by the contraction for 1 second when 2 seconds, and finally up to 3 seconds.If you strong enough to hold the contraction for 3 seconds, increase your control of muscle contraction by a little, then a little more, then all the way. Learn how to contract the muscles in steps before you learn to relax the muscles in steps beginnen.Der last step is to learn to relax, or bulge of the muscle. This is the same motion you use to solve the flow of urine. After contraction of the muscles bulge there (if you difficult to determine whether the muscle bulging, put your hand on the perineum. If you feel it bulge as you relax the kegel muscle). Tailor fit Sit on a flat, hard surface with legs crossed in front of you. Tailor seats will sit also “crossed legs” or “Indian style”. <> massaging your partner wants you, you can learn breathing exercises.

response from Tyla
What to expect when the expected is a great book for preparing yourself and your partner.

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