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Posted in Child Care on 27th December 2010

Premature Babies Care| Premature Child Care

The premature child care of based on an opinion, which was designed by a committee of representatives from medical societies, and a moral theologian together. The following data are taken from this recommendation:

Premature birth before 22 weeks of pregnancy

Children, who are born at this time, are not viable. They are cared for in accordance with their dignity in dying. In any case, the doctors are encouraged to compare the prenatally ascertained gestational age with the development status of the child. Reconsider the case of a manifest deviation, the doctors begin before birth decision, no life support measures.

Premature birth after 22-23 weeks of gestation and 6 days

During this gestational age increases the chance of survival of children considerably from about 10 to 50%. On the other 20-30% of the surviving children suffer from severe physical and mental disabilities. There are the obstetric decisions and judgments on newborn care, therefore, there are decisions beside the child and the mother’s or parents’ interests put into account.

Premature birth after 24 weeks of pregnancy and later

The survival chances of premature infants of this age reached the end of the nineties is about 60-80%. In the obstetric decisions, in addition to the maternal or parental and the child’s interests, take into account. In children without life-threatening health problems is basically trying to preserve the vital functions.

In view of the right to life of premature maturity, it is equated with children of all ages. Doctors are being told – as a guarantor of the child – the legal and ethical precepts to follow, if necessary, to preserve life and to act even against the wishes of the parents.

Premature infants with congenital and acquired disorders at birth

In premature infants with severe congenital or at birth (perinatal) acquired disorders, the promise of improvement have the condition, is examined by the doctors, whether in the interest of the child the intensive care measures should be limited – even if this should occur, death prematurely . The degree of impairment and the resulting changes are taken into account the life chances of the child. If it is foreseeable that the child will die, the parents of the dying will be supported for the burial of the child.

Conditions that have been established above should be understood by parents, so they can provide an appropriate premature child care for their premature babies.

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