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Posted in Toddlers on 9th November 2010

question of bootydoo : potty training help for my child ?
My child “pee pee in the potty and did it one night, now he will not even try to use it, any tips to get him back on the potty? He is not scared of him or anything he just wont use. Best Answer:

reply from Lindsey
If it’s cold where you live, can not work, but if you can, to let him run around without a floor, after he eats / drinks. This is the time he probably need to use the potty, and if he does not have a diaper is to catch him, he will probably want to go the potty. Also put him in big boy underwear and make him go sit on the potty at least once per hour. We have worked these things for my son, and she’s great. But you stick to it, even if you’re in public. In addition I taught my son to pee standing up, and he loves it! If your son is under 2, though, I would not recommend it. Boys are usually slower potty train.

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