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Posted in Working Mothers on 9th February 2014

possession grammar?
How do you write that? Mary, the mother dog is braun.Maria, the mother dog is brown …. Or something else, or is it never going to work, and I only write, “The Hound of Mary, the mother is brown.” Okay … well … what if it “Mary, the artist” … I do not want to be the possession of Mary, but the dog and have the way, forgot a comma, gradually Mother Maria.ML – In my situation, Mary is the mother’s name, not the dog. so that is your appositive in this case falsch.nitesong-thank you, I saw it before .. it is interesting to see how few people know this but! I found that when a possessive noun is followed by an appositive, the apostrophe + s is not added the noun with the appositive. and we fall, the following must Komma.Wir Joe Bidwell, the signature of the family attorney to bekommen.DeshalbMaria, the mother dog is brown Best Answer (s):.

harvard beans
Bill’s mother Maria has a brown dog.

Answer by ML
Mary, Mother of response dog is brown.

Reply nitesong
It is cumbersome written in this way. It may be better, two sets: Mary dog ​​is brown. Mary is the mother. or – Mary is the mother, her dog is braun.Wenn this phrase is used when the reader knows who is Mary, then let out the “mother” part. Mary dog ​​is brown.

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