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Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of Indiana Jones : Survey: per toddler “leash” or against it ?
I personally am for it. I see nothing wrong with that. I see it as a child could think of, them are the freedom they want while they actually freedom. I think it’s better than you pull your child pick up on the hand or to wrestle with and to keep them from below and trying to get away from you cuz just want to keep their freedom. and strapping them scream in a stroller 24 / 7 and watching her and cry and struggle to not really for a nice ride there machen.und actually did not have the freedom not work well cuz most children understand that they are in a small parameter otherwise they may have to stay lost. so, if given the freedom, you have to play bad guy all the time they say no and stay here and get up to you to hunt on every 5 seconds. (My 2 yr old niece can run ragged cuz they just get it in their head that they can do what she wants and then to his struggle to do it, what you want) something has to think of any others? Best Answer:

answer by Steven B
I was on the lead up to the age of 6 and half, I hated es.Doch now that I look back on sie.Ich would do the same with my child do if they had anything, I’m war.Deshalb dafürEdite I do not shut up people for lazy parents, my mother, 3 children was the only one who was set to one, and only in public. This is, I can run faster then my mother was too, and I do not want to hear, I would move away and never return, she had the police find me.

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