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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daycare Question For Daycare Employees or Daycare Owners?
This is an “Infant/Toddler” Program Only… the age group is 6wks – 24mths with a 3:1 ratio.
I own a daycare and I am going to have to hire 4-8 employees.

My hours are from 7:00am – 5:30pm

I want my daycare staff to STAY as long as possible! So would it be better to hire staff to work 9.5 hour shifts and pay them OT or would it be better to hire a bunch of part-timers?

I don’t want my staff to get “burned-out” by working so many hours, but I want them to stay for a while.

What should I do?
This is an Infant/Toddler Program Only.
The age group is 6wks – 24mths with a 3:1 ratio.
OMG! I absolutely LOVE that idea of working my employees 10/hr days, and giving them 3 day weekends!!!

Here are a couple schedules I have made for a “floater teacher”.

Which Schedule Would YOU Like Best?

Work 6:45am- 10:45am (4hrs)
Break 10:45am – 12:45pm (2hrs)
Work 12:45pm– 2:45pm (2hrs)
Break 2:45pm-3:45pm (1hr)
Work 3:45pm-5:45pm (2hrs)

Work 6:45am – 10:45am (4hrs)
Break 10:45am – 1:45pm (3hrs)
Work 1:45pm – 5:45pm (4hrs)

Best answer(s):

Answer by JEWELZ
I work at a private school and have been here for10 years i am happy.I got to choose my hours so i really think that when you hire someone you should ask them what hours they want to work (of course you tell them what hours you have first)That is my opinion specially when you have children of your own!

Answer by Mz. Honey
I have a daycare myself and I personally think that you should hire part-time. make your shifts to cover each other with working 6-8hrs a day. that way you wont have to pay overtime and your staff is happy.

Answer by leslie b
My thought is that these are very stressful jobs. It’s hard to work over-time in jobs that are already stressful. But people do want full-time work. I think you should ask in your interviews what your prospective employees are interested in. You will probably get a variety of answers, so you could hire some full-time to work 8 hour shifts and use part time to cover the rest of the hours. Your staff will appreciate it because you will be able to offer some flexibility to those who need a little time off, say one afternoon because of personal matters. And you won’t need to pay over-time. I think you will find it difficult to pay over-time without charging very high rates for your service.

Answer by Gabli6
Hello, I have owned and operated my learning center for 5 years now. We do balance load our staff to teacher child ratio, based on when parents drop off and pick up.

I would suggest to stagger coming in and also leaving at the end of the day. 1 opens at 7, then 1 comes in at 7:15 another at 7:45, you will need to cover for lunches that could be stagered. Also the same goes for closing, have the first one leave at 4:45, 5:15, 5:30.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Bobbi
I was blessed to work at a center were I was able to ‘choose’ my hours with my co-teacher. We worked long days (one 10 1/2 hour day, hey, if the kids are there that long why can’t we?!) for a two days, and part day the rest. Basically, this gave us a ‘three day weekend’. nice 🙂

Answer by JoKTM
I LOVE my work schedule. Where i work most of the staff members work 4 ten hour days. We have floating teachers that work 5 eight hour days and a few that work 6:30am-2:30pm. Those of us who work 10hour days have separate days off.
Where I work the hours are from 6:30am-6:30pm so your workers would be able to work 4 nine hour days, floater teacher could work eight hours five days a week and there would be no OT!
I have the 2yr olds and I love working 4 days a week compared to 5.

Answer by kerri o
where i work we work 4days a week so there for your not burnt out, we get to pick our days (if they it with our director which is pretty good a lot of the time) as we can change every week to second so we all get a long w/end it is the best way i think go the 10hr shifts 4 days a week, with your floater i would go with the second option 8hrs work 3hrs break there seems to be to many breaks on the first one and they would seem to get a bit p**** with that well i would but it’s your daycare and i’m sure you will do you best
Good Luck

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