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Posted in Child Support on 26th May 2011

PLEASE ANSWER:Why would a woman rather get paid for child support “under the table”?
rather then through the court system? Upon request of a paternity test she says that she can only do that by going through attorneys and by making his life really hard. also, the supposed father only had sex with her once and a year later she called him telling him about the child. he never saw the child.
Also, she does not want to take a paternity test outside the courts

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Answer by jibjab1978
so she can lie and say you never paid it and then collect double, don’t be a sucker keep records receipts etc etc go through the courts, its the better route. tell her too bad

Answer by 1990.LJ
Its alot easier then messing around.
My father paid for me that way – it just makes life alot less complicated x

Answer by callahan
If it’s “under the table” she won’t have to enter it on her tax returns.

Answer by haven
If she’s not a nice person, she wants to do it so she can claim he never paid later, and sue for years of back child support. Sneaky.

Answer by I say this and that
Maybe she is trying to cheat the government … what does all the other stuff about the dad matter … it is about the CHILD!!!!

Answer by paintedhorse30
Maybe it’s not his child. Otherwise there is no reason to get child support under the table. You don’t have to claim it on your taxes. Oh wait a minute, is this woman on welfare? Then I could care less.

Answer by sentfromheaven
under the table is a sure way to get f’ed over. With no legal rights either the woman can get skrewed by the guy not paying, or the guy could get skrewed by the mother lying about payments, or even the real daddy.
Play it straight- do it the legal route.

Answer by Momto2inFL
So she can say she never received the money and go after him for not adhereing to a court order that says he’s to pay someone else. That way she can get double pay.

Clearly a person who could care less about the welfare and best interest of their CHILD would do something like that.

My husband’s ex gf kept his daughter a secret for 2 yrs. When we took a DNA test to prove he was the father, we took her ass to court!

You can get a DNA test done by a third party outside the courts. Just make sure the results will uphold in court.

** ADD **

When we found out about my stepdaughter, my husband paid the mother directly without a court order instructing him to do so. We did what we thought was best in doing this….in the end, we got SCREWED! We went to court to establish his rights since the mother wouldn’t give him any, and we STILL got slapped with 2 yrs back support.

So do NOT give her a dime unless a court order issues you to! If anything, stick it in a bank account! Wait for that court order…sadly, I’ve learned to trust nobody. Things are cool when you two get along, the second something goes sour, you’ll wish you got a court order to cover your butt!

In the ideal world, everyone gets along. But seriously, my own statistic is that 75% of divorced couples or couples with kids, do NOT get along. So cover your butt!!

Answer by twobrare
The only reason I can say is that the person would be lying to the government. But she would not need to claim it on taxes because its not traceable. I WOULD NOT DO IT.

Answer by Leizl
It would be a really bad idea to do that. If he does agree to pay her “under the table” he needs to do it in check and write on the checks “child support” otherwise there is no proof he paid her anything.

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