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Posted in Child Support on 13th May 2011

PLEASE ANSWER:Why would a woman rather get paid for child support “under the table”?
rather then through the court system? Upon request of a paternity test she says that she can only do that by going through attorneys and by making his life really hard. also, the supposed father only had sex with her once and a year later she called him telling him about the child. he never saw the child.
also she does not want to get a paternity test outside the courts

Best answer(s):

Answer by cc5622
because the child is not his.

Answer by maikerunicron
She doesn’t have to report it as income then, and also, if she thinks she’s getting too little, she can threaten to get court-paid child support. There are also fees for garnishing wages, so she’ll theoretically end up with less money than the under the table way.

Answer by qwiklimegirl
I’m surprised he didn’t want a dna test. as far as “under the table” goes, maybe we get more that way.

Answer by ToryL
If a father pays, “under the table”, the mother can also go to the state years later and claim back child support because there is no record that he ever paid.. NOT A GOOD way to deal with it. Get a paternity test, set up a child support payment with the state. By the way, they just came out with a Do it yourself Paternity test you can do at home! So that line about going through the attorneys is a crock of bull!

Answer by Toto
Maybe she’s on Welfare. If that’s the case, one has to report any income of over $ 50. per month. She may be scamming her state support. You dont get much through welfare.

Answer by Aurora
If she gets paid under the table, there are no records showing he ever paid anything so in years to come she could sue him not only for future child support but also for back child support. Plus she doesn’t have to claim the income so maybe she can stay on welfare and it sounds like the kid might not even be his so if she went through court she might get nothing at all.

Answer by leslewis65
If I were the guy, I would never agree to paying the child support outside of the courts. I know, I pay, and I’ve given some under the table also.

If she decides to go through the court for “back support”, then he would have no proof that he’s ever given any support to begin with, so the payments could be retroactive to an extent.

And one does not need a legal reason to get a paternity test. If he is the father, then let the courts tell him what he owes. In most states in the US, it’s a pretty cut and dry percentage system. You don’t really even need a lawyer unless either party wants to make it messy,

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