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Posted in Toddlers on 18th November 2010

question of Rooney : Please answer the daughter’s Bow Legged ?
My daughter is 17 months old and I know that it is quite common for young children to bow legs, but to visit a orthopedic surgeon (pediatric orthodpedist not btw), he glanced at it and immediately ordered a corset. Now I have tried to see him in a conversation that a corset was really necessary, but he was not really talking! So I did some research and came across this paragraph on a website about bow legs infants: “The treatment is rarely necessary, but very rarely surgery is used to correct a severe curve recommend Most experts do not now staples. or corrective shoes, which cause problems with physical development (as well as an emotional toll). “What do you want to speculate on this website of” problems with physical development (as well as an emotional toll). “NOBODY really bug is in our family legs and I speak also extended family Best Answer.
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reply Thistle
my son about the same age when he became acutely legs, he couldnt walk at all, because he just sat there. The doctors wanted to do surgery and to break and set his feet, needles to say we do it and has not let it grow no slide show, now he runs circles around us all day lang.Hosenträger, an embarrassment for some children (emotional toll )

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