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Posted in Toddlers on 8th February 2013

Is piano number good for toddlers. “Piano is easy”?
Has anyone tried “Piano is easy” class? My kids are 3 and 5 years old and thought to get it, but not sure what to do ist.Sie ​​are piano lesson s for children with the numeric keys methods, they said, “Students initially taught piano number to read a smooth transition notes, because in her words, “playing notes is (reading music) as playing by the number, just different. “Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from Abdulazim it
yes they will show how to play, and later in life they could to be the best

response from PurplePorcupine [>: B Teeth Guy Loves You] This is normally the
Fall.Es is said that most children learn to play an instrument as a rule tend to be smarter and faster.

to response from piano aunts
start How wonderful for your children to play the piano! However, it would be better if you have a large pre-school piano / music program, such as children’s music, or any Orff / Dalcroze approach could be found. To look also if you have any specialized Suzuki teacher or a piano teacher in very small children in the vicinity. This is not your children a much deeper introduction to Musik.Klavierspielen playing with numbers. Read piano music is not with the thought of the notes as they should-numbers as shapes and patterns (pitch and rhythm) are read helped. In any case, for pre-school children especially should focus on learning to play music, to not read music, I hope this helped!

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