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Posted in Toddlers on 31st July 2011

Parenting Tip Toddlers Discipline Guide For Learning Good Parenting Skills

Trying to discipline your toddler and deciding on the best and most effective way for both you and your toddler is no easy feat. Some of the most effective parenting tip toddlers discipline techniques that have been tried and tested will all be at your disposal in this article.


Toddlers can be great fun and their inquisitive nature will undoubtedly one of the steepest learning curves both the child and you will ever face, but when your toddler is prying into something which could lead to them becoming hurt or hurting someone or something else, you need to take the reins and apply toddler discipline.


Some parents may see a situation like this and begin to yell at their child. Most of us will know that this behaviour will not get the reaction that you want. 


By yelling at your child as a way of reprimand or warning, that child will become used to this and start to employ those technique themselves – thinking that yelling will get your attention and get them what they want. Obviously this is not what most parents want as a quality in their child.


Instead of yelling at them, instead try to lower your tone. This will get the toddlers attention as they have to concentrate to hear what you are saying to them, and it breaks the pattern of their behaviour which is a great parenting tip for toddlers discipline.


Raising your voice will make the child scared, think how you feel if someone yells at you. Lowering your voice and simply saying “No!” in a firm but quiet manner should achieve your goal.


If the toddler persists, keep your voice low and repeat your command of “No!” Go over to your toddler and look them in the eye.


In simple words tell them why they can’t investigate that area or continue that behaviour. If it is going to burn them, tell them it is hot.


As Theresea Hughes of  Free Toddlers Activity and Discipline Guide website suggests, “By doing this, your toddler can build their understanding and still feel as though they can explore their environment without your disapproval.”


Another great parenting tip toddlers discipline step is to not take their behaviour so personally. When toddlers start to express their opinions, frequently this will result in tantrums or them lashing out at whomever is nearest and dearest.


When your child tantrums, be aware that you are not the only parent in the world, or even that supermarket, that has been in exactly the same position as you when your child throws themselves on to the floor and screams blue murder.


This is the normal process for them testing their boundaries, your values and your patience.  How you handle these tantrums will pretty much depict how your child asks for things inlater life.


Giving in to your child is the worst possible outcome. By allowing them to get their own way through the tantrums will just tell the child that this is the right way to behave if they want to get something.


The best parenting tip toddlers discipline strategy to deal with a toddler tantrum is to ignore it. Ensure your child is going to come to no harm, and then refuse to give your child any attention until they have stopped.


Both negative and positive attention is seen as a reward for the child. Don’t give in, regardless of how embarrassed you may be.


Coping with toddlers and gaining the skills your need to be a great parent happen a day at a time, you can only get better through tackling these issues – don’t give up!



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