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Posted in Child Care on 4th January 2011

Parenting Child Care – Baby’s Cry

Every baby cries for various different reasons. Crying is the only language known to the child to express its discomfort. Crying of the child generally causes anxiety to the mother and to others in the family. When the mother hears the child cry she comes running to it and tries to pacify it. To better manage a crying baby, knowledge on the reasons for the crying will be helpful. It will aid the mother to comfort the child and stop its cry.

Recognize the reasons for crying:

The baby does not learn to cry. It’s the first language that the baby learns on its own. Parents may feel it irritating to hear the baby cry, but they should not try to stop the baby cry by force. Every one cries for various reasons but as we grow older our crying stops considerably because of our ability to understand things.

Life commences with crying:

The first sound of life for a human is crying. As soon as the baby first feels the atmosphere it starts crying. In fact physicians will want the baby to cry upon delivery. It is because the baby cries upon its first inhalation of air. If the baby does not cry when born doctors try pinch the child and make it cry. Only crying babies are normal and healthy. Thus life of every individual starts with crying.

Need for care:

The only language know to the infant is crying, for communication. A baby will cry for various reasons. The primary objective of the cry is to communicate its needs. The baby also can show some bodily movements such as stamping the feet, moving the hands, turning the head, raising the both hands, and such, to attract attention. But none of these will give any clue on the needs of the baby.

A simple method to calm the baby is to rock it gently or by gently massaging in the abdomen or by mild whistling in the ears. Each baby will take its own time to get cajoled by all these.

Responding mother:

The baby can cry at different intensities. If the cry is very distressful to the mother, then the cry is termed as excessive crying. It might cause anxiety to the mother. Most often the infant stops crying upon feeding breast milk.  If a baby suddenly starts crying nonstop it could be a sign of distress. The distress can be a simple one to a life threatening one. So a child crying non stop should be attended immediately and should not be neglected, which can cause serious consequences.

Adequate grounds of crying:

The reasons for a child’s cry can be many. To help the mother interpret the reason of the child’s cry we present some common reasons for a child’s cry below:

1. Hungry child: Hunger is the most common reason the child cries. It goes with out saying that it is the responsibility of the mother to feed the baby.

2. Wetting Troubles: The child might have a wet diaper due to accumulation of urine or feces. This causes discomfort to the child. Thus parents have to check the diapers frequently.

3. Missingcompany: Many kids are fond of companions. If the child misses its companion or feels lonely it will start crying.

4. The annoying State: The stamina of a baby is much less compared to the adult. So upon continuous journey the baby may get tired easily causing fatigue to the child. In such situations the baby will cry.

5. Hot and Cold Whether: A baby cannot tolerate even slight changes in the temperature. Climatic changes like being hot or cold will make the child cry. In hot whether the child must be kept in a well ventilated room reducing the chances to sweat.

6. Tight Clothes: Usage of tight clothes for the baby during summer season can cause excessive sweating to the child making it feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes elasticity of the clothes cause reddening and the region can become sore. Thus while selecting clothes for the child care must be taken that the clothes fit the child properly and the clothing is soft and not tight.

7. Dark Rooms: A child will get very scared and unsecured in the dark. So during sleep dim light is preferred. On the contrary if there is a very bright source of light, then also the child will feel very irritated and cry. So during sleep dim light is preferred.    .

8. Insect Bites: For a child a mosquito or an ant bite can cause severe itching and pain cause severe irritation to the child, thus making it cry. Mosquito bites should be avoided as it can cause various diseases including malaria.  Thus the bed of the baby has to be protected from mosquitoes by using a net or a repellent.

9. Blocked Nose: During winter season due to cold whether the child’s nose may be blocked, which requires cleaning of the nose.

10. Phlegm: Accumulation of throat Phlegm can cause difficulties in breathing.

11. Body Ache: Before the onset of many diseases body aches are common, making the baby cry continuously.

12. Nappy Rashes: Sometimes improper cleaning of the napkins can cause allergy to the child in the area resulting in rashes. Application of talcum powder can be of use. If it is left unattended it can cause many skin infections.

13. Habitual Crying: Some babies cry for no reason. No amount of cajoling will stop that.

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