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For Parents: Babysitting Requirements?

Posted in Babysitting on 23rd October 2010

For Parents: Babysitting Requirements?
I am a teenage girl, who has all the proper training (CPR, First Aid, Babysitting “Liscense”)for babysitting and childcare. I have previous experience as a camp counselor, babysitter, student teacher, and older sister, but, seeing as of yet I don’t have my own car, I don’t think it’s acceptable to charge the same rates as a nanny. I’d be able to take children out, but only on days when my parents don’t need the car. Other than that, I’m very well qualified, so to parents, what would you consider an acceptable rate for someone like me? Thanks- your help is much appreciated!
P.S. In case it isn’t obvious yet, I do not wish to reveal my age over the internet, so please don’t bother asking.

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Answer by Baby Ruth
My sister got certified like you did so she could make some extra money while going to college (plus she loves kids). She used to get paid 13/hr ( she was in Atlanta).

I think it all depends on where you live and what are the rates for someone like you over there. From the answers I have seen before here, it varies a LOT from place to place.

Answer by cruz07307
I think you should still be able to charge about $ 15.00 and maybe more ( i live in NJ) but you just have to be up front with the parents and let them know that even though you cannot take the kids out, you have creative indoor activities that you can implement to compensate for not going out.

Answer by Mom of two
The biggest factor determining how much you can or should charge for babysitting is the area of the country you live in. As an example, I would expect a babysitter in NYC to make much more than a babysitter in a small midwestern town. Your first step is to determine an average going rate for your area. Another factor to consider is what you are doing – are you playing with the kids after dinner then putting them to bed while mom and dad are out? As a parent, I pay a little less for this because I know that most of the time, someone is just in the house and not actively interacting with my children. On the flip side, I have had sitters who make dinner with the kids (not for, but with – clearly involving them in the process and making sure they are safe at the same time), cleaning up all the dishes after, they had age appropriate activities they played with the kids. When it was time for bed, she made sure the rooms were picked up (nothing crazy, just the toys the kids played with during the day) and that the clothes they had worn were in the hamper, etc. I was delighted to discover that she folded a load of clean laundry for the kids that I had taken out of the dryer right before she arrived. In this case, you can imagine that we not only called her again, but paid her more and added a tip to boot!

Answer by Melyssa
Well it depends on how much you worked. i wouldnt pay more than 20 bucks for you to come over for a few hours once a week so I can go have kid free dinner with my husband ( for like 2-3 or so h) many day cares in my area charge around 150 a week for full day daycare so for one day its 30 bucks. I wouldnt pay you more than 50 a day since I do have 3 kids but they are 3,4,7 so theres no babies.
But it depends on the area whre you live. If you live in a city you might be able to get more. I used to get 350 a week as a live in nanny and my friends who didnt live with the family got 500-600 but there was also some housework always involved and it was in a big city in a rich area.
Also it does depend on your age but you said you could have your parents car on the days they dont use it so I guess you arent 13.. lol. I wouldnt have someone who cant drive watch my kids in case something happens and they need to be taken to the dr etc but some other people might. Look into some ads in your area and see what the going rate is for a babysitter where you live and then ask slightly less than that seeing that you are still underage

Child Care Tips

Posted in Child Care on 22nd October 2010

Child Care Tips

Every parent wants to encourage their child in a caring, loving and protected environment. The parents always want to provide appropriate care and attention to the little ones, particularly during their initial stages of development. But, in today’s world, there is a compulsion for both mother and father to work outside the home and they cannot find time to care their child. Here there are some child care tips that help you to overcome this problem.
Choosing the correct child care for your child is the most important task since you want to sure about regular feeding of your child and its security. There are many different types of child care options, from child care centers and family child care to in-home care. Few of them are,
Child Care Centers – these are the centers may be large or small, licensed by the State that can give care for toddlers, infants, preschoolers, and school-age children all or part of the day. While choosing this center you must make sure that the place is child-friendly, clean and maintains general hygiene. It will be more comfortable for you if this center is very near your house/working place. And do some random checks to make sure that your child is engaged in significant activities and is eating food properly.
Home Care Providers – these are the non licensed child care providers who provide care for children from only one other family besides their own with the submitted Trust Line fingerprints to the local government
In-home Care – this is a type of child care that is not licensed and any of your friend, relative or nanny cares your child in your for full time/part time. A family member would most likely offer more reasonable child care. Having grandparent/s at home with the help of a maid may be the best solution for your child. So that your children can feel safer and more secure in their own home, also their psychological requirements are easily fulfilled as they are the centre of attention.
Apart from these child care options, one of the easiest family child care methods is working opposite shifts than your partner and thus one of you will always be there to watch the kids. With these facts in mind, selecting good quality child-care is an important issue for many parents now. A trustworthy and responsible child-care situation makes it possible for parents to support their families financially. The good quality child-care helps your children to grow and gives you the peace of mind to do your work.

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