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Do feminists have a right to interfere in the human family?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of AlanSmithee : Do feminists have the right to interfere in the human family ?
a feminist here, claims that feminists “make sure men equal quantities of the childcare and housework” and wants another one in another question, said: “the double shift for women relieve to be responsible for the work and child care. ” As feminists plan, these laws? Put camera’s in everyone’s home? I think this stuff should not be completely up to the family and feminists intervene in the lives of people Best Answer.

response from Christina
Yes. Order should be a happy marriage and a happy life, this kind of things to discuss with your husband and reach an agreement with him. After a comprehensive statement about how all life couples should do is stupid and will not work well for everyone.

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What can I say, my “daughter “????????

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of Angel Pie : What can I say, my “daughter “????????
I need to what does not help the situation. ok, well, first of about seven years, killed my sister and her husband. They had my niece, Daniella, who was only 1 year old at the time. and when they were killed, my niece had no parents. The choice was either to sign it away to an orphanage, or keep them and raise ihr.Nun someone had to raise her child and I was free at the time, I took it. We were living with my mother and my other sisters.I took her in and raised her as my daughter. she began to know myself as a mother, but I was single, so she knew she never had a father. I told her that he ran away, but I was never really a man. They sometimes felt sad that they speak only a “mother” if she would hören.dann other children about their fathers, when she was five years old, I moved to Canada, I finally had met someone. I have my daughter called back, with my mother and sisters. she raised the danach.dann for a little while when she was seven years old, forced me back my husband to go and fetch her. He knew the truth, and felt sorry for her. So I went back, got it, and we lived in Canada for a while. She was not the child I had suspected. they got more sneaky and naughty. My husband does not like that, he often got angry at them. He was the closest thing to a father she has ever had. and little they either knew there was no Mutter.sie never really had any friends. she was alone. I was working, my husband did not want her to tun.Ich know what to do. I think it’s time they should know about her biological mother and father, but I’m not sure.i love her, and I will never tell her, but it might be healthier for them to know younger. maybe. it is not that I lied her whole Leben.Ich love her, and she really has no one, what should I do? How should I tell her? What should my next step? I was up to their adoption? I do not know where they go. it is a difficult but sensitive child, but can run concrete. if she was sad about not having a father, do you think they can handle it? please help Best Answer:

response from Army
I think it is important to tell her, but if you do, they’ll get upset. If you do it if she is younger, you risk not understanding, and if you do it when she is older, you get the “why did not you tell me before,” Man you should not be released for adoption if you can It really does not have it, send it back with your sisters.

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How do I get my husband to say “no”, for his mother’s babysitter?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of _ : How do I get my husband to say “no”, baby-sitting for his mother ?
My husband is a new body that it must over time and 6 days a week. My mother asked my husband and I babysit for two weeks for the unbelievably low rate of pay of … $ 40! I want my husband to a much needed free time to spend with our daughter and me. But, I have a bad feeling that he will not be able to tell his mother “NO!” once his new job begins. You can find someone else to clock her 8 and 9 years old (as her 16-year-old daughter) that I would be very on the $ 40. I do not appreciate that it paid low, because their children are threatened, and they destroy my house. I spend an entire weekend hunting for them, cleaning their messes and discipline, because no one else does. My husband accepts to pay the $ 40 after it (pay a bad idea to always discuss first) already babysitter. So now everything is going stir for them. Anyway, he will work on Saturdays or Sundays and he can not walk, to pick them up, and not a drop on my Haus.Da they do not fall off, it will probably take my husband on a Friday evening, so I stay put Baby-sitting them on a Saturday and Sunday (while working) and I will not do. I hate my mother with a passion, and I might just have me tell her no. She calls again and asks my husband if he was doing the babysitting (although we all know that I am the one who’m not cooking and cleaning and baby-sitting while they are over), so there should not up to me, him. So how can I have my opinion about the Queen B? I do not call them, and I refuse to talk to her about it because I call them from their name. What should I do? Because they never asked us to baby-sit, she just calls us and says: “. Come pick up in the morning as soon as you can,” I’m like “What?” As my husband says ok. Grrrr.Oh believe me, I must be paid. You pissed on my couch last weekend, and I had to buy $ 10 cleaning products, I had a box of baking soda, 4 liters of water, a sponge and use a lot of time to clean up the mess. Not to mention, they live 35 minutes away, so drive more than an hour in both directions. So I paid for it, is an easy refund my money! I need more but .. it is not even compensation for my time: (I thought I would try to account for this weekend: $ 1.50 Milk $ getrunken1 tissues verwendet1 $ bandages $ 10 urine-cleaner $ 10 an hour in cleaning services ($ 40) $ 2 Water for drinking and cleaning agents used $ 15 Gas $ 5 power from exit on the lights and brass with my heating verschwendetFür a total of $ 75.50. It looks like I’m babysitting to pay them. I’m out $ 35.50 ! not to mention I was not even paid for my time watching So this is an additional $ 5 per hour (30 hours) $ 150 Wow, I’m ripped Oh, I forgot: $ 2 for soap (use my ! whole bottle each time) $ 100 for mental suffering of $ 800 for a new couch (because it was new, before they sour on him) Best Answer:

response from Kiwi w
had the children they should look for them, I thought it might be the other way around the mother in-law care for your children. tell her you and your husband have a life!

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