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How could I get with this girl in 2 hours?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of alaskanpipeline : How could I get with this girl in 2 hours ?
Well, today I have to “baby sit” some girl thats the same age as me so my brother and his friend can go anywhere. He claims that shes hot. I never seen before. What are some things to say or do to get help with her. We are both 15th Best Answer:

reply HOTTIE4life
i.m. me on Yahoo mail samantha.rivera10 @ yahoo.com laterz kay <3

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Look for a toilet seat with an integrated toddler “potty seat?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of cones are M & M wannabees : Looking for a toilet seat with an integrated small child potty seat “?
Everyone out there have? Do you like it? Where did you THANK Best Answer:

reply jkschmier
My parents bought one for the occasional visit Grandkid, but we have never bought one for home. The way missing my son, well, we just have to replace mid-priced toilet seat if his aim is better. (There is simply no way to get into every nook and cranny!) Anyway, they have at Home Depot, that’s for sure, and probably many other places.

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Q & A: Constantly telling toddler “NO”?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of Jacob’s Mommy (Plus One) : Constantly telling toddler “NO !”?
Hello! I feel like all day long all I do is say no … I start to feel really horrible to read. I’m staying at home, I’m here with my almost 2 year old son all day long from mir.Ich was wondering if someone feels like they always tells her baby “no” are? I hope it is just a “stage” that he is constantly in things he should not be in.Er always timeouts now, I hope that soon begin to help, we (my husband and I) are not to use as our first choice for punishment spanking. It seems to me that the collision is with a child hit only encourage them … this is a no-no. We can provide great things like running beatings on the street … Things that are potentially very dangerous … but not random as the only form of Bestrafung.Ich trying to steer him away from the “no-no” and direct him to something else, without saying “no” … but it does not always work that so that. It’s like it until I do not care for 2 seconds … LOL wait! ! Hi terrible two’s Best Answer:

reply Philm I am an advocate for
spanking. He will grow out of his “terrible two friends,” but you have to spank still available when it becomes annoying. be

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