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How quickly can I earn money?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of xx_kay2005_xx : How can I make money fast
In the 17th and in some way in a demand for money: / I have planned many trips for the summer, but not as much money my parents dont want me to get a job, but they might like .. since the last 2 months of school i really just want a job from now until June, but I wonder if places like clothing stores or something or somewhere you would rent for about 2 months? I just need a job so I can raise some money for the trips this summer .. I would all the “dog walk” and “babysitter”, but I do not really need to know this one .. so stimulating for how to make money quickly and let me know if you get jobs for 2 months rent you Best Answer:

response from Ramu K
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Q & A: Who do I call to “squat” Report a registered violent sex offenders in an apt. on the same lot as us?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of medan01 : Who do I contact a registered violent sex offender “occupied” an accurate report. on the same lot as us?
Of course, because he is, we are led to believe, to stay here without a lease, we do not believe that he reported his train from the old address to the correct athorities. he is stealing electric from the neighbors. There are three apartments and a total three chilren currently live on that land. This man was convicted of “indecent liberties with a child under the custodial care”, that is, his own child, and we really feel not comfortable with him being here. we call? State police? ? Local police Best Answer:

response from James E
in a situation like you would contact your local police department ie city, town or county. but you must make sure that he, as this is a serious accusation

isn’t registered
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Legal question to the lawyer / legal advice PLEASE! harass X-fiancee.?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of c1nicolei : legal question to the lawyer / legal advice PLEASE! harass X-fiancee.?
I recently returned from a short engagement. We never lived together. He was very angry that the relationship was over and was bothering me. (Which is why I left him, he is very emotionally unstable, he felt the potential had to be abusive) I returned the ring without even asking him. Instead of his life he is harass me. It calls for money to do things with my son who is 16. I have never asked him to do these things, he offered. Note that none of these “activities cost him nothing.” He says he will take me to court for over $ 2k in money I need him for things he did while we were made to pay. Nothing Greifbares.Hinweis: these are not items he bought … He says I need to get him for the time he paid called spent with my son it is “Babysitter” and they went shooting guns one day and he is charging me for “firearms training”. I’m sure they must be absurd, I just need someone in the legal field, to me info.Zur Info: I live in Oklahoma. I thought about a restraining order, but I’m afraid of him and do not want to get him angry. I tried to ignore him, but that does not work. I am a professional in the city where I live do not want any of this drama. I just want to continue with my life. I think I should get a VPO, I just hope it’s not his temper already inflammation. With his weapons and martial arts background, I am afraid of what he can / will do.Thanks for advice and prayers guys Best Answer:

response from John K
You are correct that the claims are absurd. From a personal point of view, one should ignore it if possible. Do not engage in any communication of any form with him. As long as you respond, he is harassed Sie.Wenn the guy is seeing a lawyer where you live about how to obtain an order of protection forbidding him to communicate with you or near you.

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