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The number of serial killer rises exponentially since the early 1960s?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of Dumb name : While the number of serial killer rises exponentially since the early 1960s ?
Has anyone tried to determine whether a correlation exists between the “The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” (often referred to simply as Baby and Child Care “), and Benjamin Spock, the first time on 14 July 1946 published and Serge from serial killer in the United States written Best Answer:

response from Quirk
That is a bit far-fetched, is not it I doubt the series has been growing much at all – let alone “exponential”. If you look at it closely enough, the end of the 19th – Beginning of the 20th Century had its fair share of the history of serial murder. As I am sure is the case in every Epoche.Ich expect that has police methods and communication between departments to the point where more serial killer victim identified and are linked to improved. And our media, and grown – brings us more news of honor killings and feeding our disturbing interest in ihnen.Ich think you could do something more successful attempt, blamed on the sensationalism surrounding these killings on child rearing practices pin. But ultimately, what makes some people into serial killers is complex and sometimes unknown -. Even the murderer himself

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Women who complain of working on the search for children and at the same time?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of cosmic search : Women who work on the search for children and complain at the same time ?
There was this question of why feminism is still relevant, was a response “relieve the double SHIF of its women to be responsible for the work and child care.” On Is this a valid complaint Best Answer:

response of Bluebeard’s wife
The whole idea was that feminists were thousands of years to change human history and women and men equal rights in matters of career and family by changing the gender roles. has in some ways it works and in other ways it has not. I do not think men ever wanted to be both a provider and nurturer, and I do not think women know that they do 2x the work would, if they were told that they would “have everything”. Now we live in a 2-income per household society, and most people simply do not have enough selection or complain.

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If you did this “selfish”?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question:) : Would you thought this “selfish” ?
I use lbs to 345th 18 months ago I reached my goal weight of 180 and I became a personal / fitness trainer. But I have a few areas on my body, did not want to jump back, especially my belly and breasts. I wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift / reduction (no implants) in May this year, but I found out I was 13 weeks pregnant (I do not have PCOS .. gotta love to know when you ovulate … LOL). I plan to breastfeed for at least a year, so that my actions must be deferred as long werden.Ich spoke with my brother and my sister in law, and they have kindly offered to place all four of our children for six weeks in the summer so that I my operation and relax without having to worry about. I am so very thankful that my brother and his wonderful wife for her help. I planned to take care of a nurse to help me, and someone come and clean the house rent once a week while I’m recouperating. I will be producing 6 weeks worth of meals for me and my sister, so we do not starve (LOL). Here is where I was a “selfish”. My so-called “friend” told me I was “selfish” to want to have the surgery first. I’m “selfish” to send the children to my brothers house so I have peace and quiet while I recouperate. And to top it all off, that I have a “terrible mother” was first set for me (which I never do) about my Kinder.1: My sister is a nurse and takes care of the elderly. I think she may be my four without problems übernehmen.2: My brother is cooking in a restaurant, they are not starving 3: I will rent my brother money to another child care provider while working and my sister in law. My brother is home from work every day from 14.00 clock. He works from 5 bis 13.30 clock … Monday to Friday bin.4: I’ll help hiring a cleaning lady, her house reinigen.5: I will go there for my 12 mini-bus to use them, because they only cars that 4 people. And I will fly again also removed only on my 2 days have später.6: My brother and my sister are good people, and I know that my kids are taken care of. You need to spielen.7 their cousins: his My husband is in use, so I do not want anyone here to get our children to helfen.Ich’m just shocked that I do as a “selfish” for wanting this. I think it is healthy for the first time made. So any of you think my so-called friend is right or am I wrong for wanting to do this? I forgot a few things going for my brother nennen.Ich more money for special foods for my older two children because they have allergens to the foods. As well as extra money for food for the Zwillinge.Und yes, I have a wonderful family. I am so very very blessed that a family like mine haben.Und yes, my “friend” jealous of my weight loss. I worked really hard to get healthy. I have for a long time to save this surgery done, and I will continue to save until I have the surgery. My insurance covers some of the costs, because I was overweight Best Answer.

reply Heatherrrrrrrr
Your friend is jealous. You might be better if you are fat. They have changed her, and she does not like. Now you’re going to improve and they can not stand it. Their positions or opinions should not affect you. Blow it off. Your life and what it is with your children none of their business. Do what you want to feel better about yourself. 6 weeks to be over before you know it. You have not justify your actions to someone. Do no respond to it or to explain himself. Just say “if the way you feel then it is. I will not argue with you about my life.”

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