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Posted in Child Support on 22nd August 2012

PA Child Support Beyond Age of Majority?
My divorce agreement says that I have to pay both child support “through the college years” as well as the cost of education and associated expenses for college. My understanding is that I am obligated to pay my portion of college expenses — but I shouldn’t have to pay child support on top of that beyond the age of 18 — am I correct?
My intent is to pay my share of college tuition/room board books, etc — my question is whether the “child support” payments to the ex should still continue in addition to all of the above college costs? It seems like the ex is double dipping–I certainly want to do the right thing. Thanks,

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Answer by ouragon
Did you read your own question? YOU said you pay both CS and the cost of college.

Answer by Elf #3
The legal document says you have to pay both…so you have to pay both.

Tell me, how well do you expect a 19-20 year old college student to support himself without parental help? Is that what you want for your child?

>>Will the court let you pay the child support directly to the room/board bill at college?
Payment to the ex isn’t child support, it’s alimony. I see your concern.

Answer by George McCasland, Papa Bear
Yes, as that’s what your divorce says, but you can have it transferred to the child, not the mother.

As regards Pennsylvania Law, check with Kevin Sheahen in Pittsburg.



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