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Posted in Working Mothers on 8th January 2011

Online DD relationship?
Can it work?

If a surrogate “mother” is used?

Just curious……

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Answer by Matt
I don’t think it can work. I think sharing fantasies can be more fulfilling than online DD relationships.

If there isn’t a direct correlation between the giver and receiver, some of the thrill is gone, don’t you agree?

Answer by crc00000
I have an online Top and it “works”. I guess it just depends on what you’re willing to accept as a “relationship”. We don’t use a surrogate. I listen to him and we trust each other. I have to give up being spanked by him for real, but, that’s not the only punishment in the world. As long as both people are flexible, reasonable, and imaginative, it can work great.

Answer by Woodenhand
For the purposes of accomplishment yes it can work, however I would caution you that online stuff is the start of the slippery slope that can lead to dissapointment, as difficult and dissapointing as it can be somtimes, you’ll be much more satisfied if you can find somone you trust in realtime.

but yes, online DD can work, it’s just harder

Answer by Keith
It’s worked in the past. As with other online relationships real feelings can begin to develop. If it’s going to be online it’s important to set up expectations, limits, and clearly identify what each person seeks in the relationship.

Answer by Big D
You can do anything online. I think a surrogate would kind if get in the way. And yes with a webcam it would be almost good as real. Been there, done that, would do it again.

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