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Posted in Babysitting on 1st February 2014

(will not be taught) half years old and not talking?
I have a 16 month old nephew who does not speak of today. I understand that is normal, but his young mother is not with him to spend the time to teach him anything. I try, but with work and school, I can not. if he is not taught, he will still talk normally? he murmurs and cries way now, but that’s just about it Best Answer (s):.

Bridget answer
do not worry, they do not need to be taught to every word. Babies learn soooo fast, it’s hard enough to take on a 16-month-old. I have two 2 years now and they are just learning, they know basic commands like “night night” … “Apple” … “Sitting” .. “Play” .. “Cookie” .. “Cracker” … Your nephew is not behind 🙂

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