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Posted in Toddlers on 7th December 2010

omg last night my LO choked and couldnt breathe!!?
last night i was just sitting with my 3 year old (ok i know this is the “babies” section, but no one is ever in the “toddler” section, so i decided to post here!)
anyways we were sitting there reading books and he had a piece of candy in his mouth and all of a sudden he just starts grabbing at me “mommy, mommy help me” then he couldnt catch his breath and was having a lot of trouble breathing!
i was so freakin scared i freaked out and i just put him over my lap and smacked him in the back. he started breathing again and then threw up a couple times until the candy finally came up!
i just feel so bad about how big of a deal i made i was panicking and freaking out and i think i scared him MORE than he already was…i mean i was crying and yelling!!
i just cant help but feel i handled it wrong…i feel bad that i scared him even more.
i am sooo glad he is ok, but now i am all paranoid that its gonna happen again and i will handle it in the same way!
so i guess my question is….if something like this were to happen again how can i keep myself from freaking out and scaring him even more than he already is?? how can i keep a level head and just do what needs to be done??

sorry if this is long
the classes definitely taught me what to do and how to do it! but idk for some reason the whole time i was panicking, even tho i followed all the “rules” i guess you could say
believe me i have taken those classes….but its a whole different story when it happens to your child…nothing is scarier than that!

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Answer by I Haz A Bucket.
Freak out after. But during the episode just try to stay calm by reminding yourself that you need to be calm for him to be calm. A emergency preparedness(first aid and CPR) course could also help alot as they teach you the proper procedure to do in this situation as well as CPR in case it got worse or something…We both took one with our first and im planning to go again soon for a refresher…its a good thing to have.

Answer by sunangelxo
I understand how you would react that way! It’s a scary situation! I would recommend to you to see about taking classes in CPR and other things. This way you are more prepared and able to asses a situation better so you won’t panic. I signed up to take some next week at the local hospital. Look into it in your area. I promise it will help!

Answer by My son is my world
Take a child safety class that includes the Heimlich and CPR….you will feel much calmer when something happens if you are prepared.

Answer by Moon
You did everything you could. I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if you were freaking out a bit, you ultimately saved his life.

My 3 year old has Epilepsy and I still freak out when he has a seizure. I know what to do, but I am always crying while I am doing it. I can’t help it. No mother wants to see their child ill or in danger.

How is he today? Is he running around and playing? Does he mention last night? I’m sure he is fine and you didn’t scare him. I think it scared YOU more than him! If you didn’t freak out, you might not have reacted as quickly and forcibly as you did.

Answer by Luv my kids 4evr
I would highly suggest that you take a course on CPR and first aid. You should know how to do the Heimlich maneuver as smacking a child on the back when they are choking can actually force the foreign object further into the windpipe rather than help bring it up as the Heimlich maneuver does. Also remember that it’s very important to stay calm for the person who is experiencing the emergent event. If you panic they will panic and if that causes their respiration and heart rate to go up, and if you can’t breath that just causes you go use up the precious amount of oxygen that much faster and makes the situation that much more dire.

Answer by Sweet Baby James Momma 0 : )
OMG! I would have freaked out to ! That is so scary! I know it’s hard to say to stay calm, because honestly I would have freaked out to! I think you handled it fine. I think a situation like that is always going to scare anyone. It’s hard to say that I would be calm if my son James choked because I know I wouldn’t! Maybe try and take a deep breath and deal with it as it happens? It’s hard to say what anyone would do in that situation. I think you handled it great. You saved him and he was fine! I would just take things as they go! You did great in my eyes! You helped your LO!

Answer by Jillian ~*Cohen’s mummy*~
some people react to those certain time differently. I am the type of person who tried to stay calm. my little sister choked on an orange slice when we were little and my dad was so calm about it. she was his 5th kid though. when i was 16 my little brother was a baby and started choking on one of those biter biscuits and i wa sthe only one around. i just got up and pat his back and hit puked it up. There are certain situations that i feel i would freak out in, something i may not eb able to control. it is different when it actually happens

Answer by beetlemilk
It is a very scary situation. Staying calm is the way to go. Actually if someone is choking and they are able to breathe/talk, just encourage them to cough it up. You don’t want to pat the back and possibly occlude an airway with the object getting further lodged.

Thumbs down? For a factual answer, weird

the american heart assoc. agrees, not to do anything that could occlude a partially blocked airway

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