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Oliver twist help? should be easy if you know it! :)?
alright…. who says

” He will be hung”

” Lor Bess her heart, no! when she has lived as long as i have, sir, and had thriteen children of her own, and all of em dead except two and them in teh wurkus with me, she’ll know better than to take on in that wa, bless her dear heart.”

” Why, I’m oblived to keep a little of in the house, to put in the blessed infant’ Daffy when they ain’t well….”

” Boys is wery obstinent and wery lazy, gen’lm’n, and there’s nothing like a good hot blaze to make ’em come down witha run; its humane too, gentlm’n because, even if they’ve stuck in the chimney, roastin their feet makes ems struggle to extricate their selves.”

” Work’us, hows your mother?”

” I am nobody : don’t consult me, pray. i dont want to intrude upon your secrets”

” oliver… Do you konw this here voice Oliver?….. Aint you afraid of it sir? Aint you trembling while i speak?

” Its about young Twist, my dea… a very good looking boy, my dear… theres and expression of melanchhlon in his face, my dear, which is very interesting. He would make a delightful mute, my dear.”

” Oh, you little Wretch! Oh, you little ungreateful murdoerous horrid villian!”

All of those quotes go up to chaper 9…. so all of the characters in there.. they can’t be repeated and i have no clue on those.. i think that last one is Charlotte…

300 points to the person who helps me most!!!! PLEASE!

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Answer by MJ Girl
Sorry, I don’t know, but nowadays you can find most e-books online for free. Oliver Twist should be online, just find it and then click on “find on this page” under Edit from your browser and you can easily find exactly where the quotes are.

There are loads of websites I use to use when in uni, I can’t remember any of them now. but do a google search.

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