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Posted in Toddlers on 16th September 2011

Olive Kids – the name for Unique Toddler Beds

Article by Janet Quek

Having a child who is in the toddler’s stage is a very vital stage because it is the foundation of who the child will become in the future. The age range of the toddler stage is from 1- 3 years. In this age, we expect that they are curious to know anything and everything. They get easily excited, has a short attention span and very active. So in all things we do with our toddlers, it should be fun, meaningful and creative.

Because of these traits, we now have a clue on how to get done with our toddlers especially with sleeping. Manufacturers came into mind to construct creative and unique toddler beds that will make them eager to sleep and to stay in for a period of time. It may be on the impact of the themes, colors, drawings, pictures or even the bed form itself.

A unique toddler bed composes of fun designs and originality that will make it interesting for the parents and most especially for the toddlers. For example, outline quilting the pictures that are printed on the comforter so that the image will be finely tuned and attractive for our toddlers. Hem treatment which tells that the pillows and bed sheets are well manufactured and has a good quality for the toddlers to sleep and play with. Adding a pillow sham with bright and lively colors will make the kids stay on their bed for a longer period of time because they want to soak in to the fun atmosphere and aura of the bed. Contributions of coordinating colors, graphics and other fun images will make a toddler bed unique.In making Unique Toddler Beds, we must consider what the toddler’s interests are. Like, animals, robots, flowers, mermaids, fishes, trains, and others. We can make the bed form into a spaceship, a house or even a car. A unique toddler bed can also come along with coordinating chairs or toys that will attribute to the product’s uniqueness. Another thing, we must also consider the safety of the child who will use the bed, for example is there contamination from the machines used to produce the bed sheets etc., if there is harmful chemicals that your product has, all of these must also be considered. Look for the brands before you buy. Using products that are earth friendly will also be a plus factor in producing a unique toddler bed because you’re not only giving the child’s pleasure in sleeping, but also taking care of mother earth. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

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