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Posted in Child Support on 5th February 2011

old family.. new family, who is more important with child support.?
I see it on here all the time.. the new wife or new girl friend complaining or unhappy about the father having to pay so much child support.

“we have a new baby”

is there a ‘more important’ person in a situation like that.. father has new family to support but still has and WANTS to pay for his oldest child from past relationship.

what to do? How to make everyone happy.. ?

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Answer by Baby
well he can have the court order ammended so that its not a such a burden on him and his new family. but in all honesty the new wife or girl friend new what she was getting into when she married him so she shouldnt complain about it!

Answer by S W
the IMPORTANT PEOPLE in this are the kids, Not the new wife, old wife, and there is no such thing as old family, or new family. pay the child support if he can’t handle the payments then he needs to go back to court and they should take in to consideration that their is another child

Answer by amsam
what to do is dad should get another job. he made his bed. the first child shouldn’t have to lose out because he can’t think ahead.

Answer by The Fabulous Me
All children are important when it comes to child support. The animosity normally arises from the ex due to the reasoning, “He doesn’t pay for the children he already has, why on earth would you want to have a child or children with this ‘inappropriate words inserted here’?” The mother then gets defensive of her children by lashing out at the “new family” because they are taking, to some degree, what her children ought to be getting. To a degree, this mother is right, not only is her ex and nit of new toy of the week taking away from what her children ought to have but from what the new child ought to have as well.

In mature scenes of this nature, more often than not, the arguments do not exist because everyone is looking out not for “my kids” but for all kids involved.

Personally, I could never get involved with someone, no matter the reasoning or excuses given, who does not care for their children and could never fathom why someone would want to in the first place.

Answer by judo
The courts always favor the child, or children, from the first household.
This is much of the basis of the outcry from the new wives/girlfriends.

As for working 2 jobs….
I think that if child support is so outrageous that the father needs to work 2 jobs in order to pay it AND have a decent life for himself, mom should also work 2 jobs too.
And I do consider anything over $ 650 a month (short of medical expenses ~edit~ and daycare expenses) to be exorbitant, sorry.

OMG, I just realized why I have so much bitterness…
Custodial parents often want and insist upon full custody of their children.
Custody meaning responsibility.
So… they want the title and the honor of having it all, but want the other non-custodial, hence, *insignificant* parent to contribute half or more of the childrens upkeep.

Answer by Desperate Housewife
I think the child support system needs to set up some sort of arrangement where the money goes directly to the child, like pay school fees, buy clothing, pay sports fees, and any extra that is needed to be payed get food vouchers or something. No dad wants to support their ex’s habbits and in a lot of cases thats what happens.

Answer by Parent
If the dad was struggling before, he shouldn’t have had another kid or made a new family. The new person should understand that this is the baggage that was brought into the relationship. I doubt people think like that beforehand, they realize the impact after and then look for ways to make the situation easier.

Answer by desmeran (emeritus)
they’re both kids of the same parent. seems to me it’s unreasonable for one kid to be getting a greater share of a parent’s resources than the other, custody or not.

Answer by Busy Barbie 007
people try to upset me with this occasionally. He pays support for his other child aren’t you angry she gets money when you don’t. No, not at all. He may not be the best father but she at least gets to see him often, daily when possible. His other child only gets to see him 2-4 times per year. I’d rather have an imperfect father figure who maintans regular contact than a check and a visit ancouple times a year, that’s just me though and I can say that because I don’t need support. It would be a completely different story if I needed money from him to survive

The important people are the children, they deserve to be supported equally. On one hand it may seem unfair to the new partner when x amount is going out the door every month but on the other hand, that 1st child doesn’t get to see their father on a daily basis. It’s a situation that isn’t fair to anyone but no one person is more important than another.

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