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Posted in Babysitting on 3rd January 2011

Okay to leave kittens alone?
I have 2 younger kittens, approximately 8 weeks old, indoor only, fully litterbox trained eating hard food. I will be needing to go out of town for 5 days. Is that too long to leave them alone if I make sure they have enough food/water? If it is too long, are there places that “babysit” them?

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Answer by charchar
The kennel but it’s not cheap. Isn’t there a neighbor or reliable friend you could get to come by at least twice while you are gone? Offer to pay them a little. Maybe they could just take them home for a few days.
I don’t know exactly what terrible thing would happen to them if they had food a water though ….HHUUMMM. Being two of them they would not get lonely, just make sure you don’t leave them loose in the whold house and leave toys enough space maybe a tv on.
You probably would worry the whole time, so for piece of mind make arrangements. Here is some reading.

Answer by Debi in LA
Yes. That is totally too long!

Totally TOO LONG!

Answer by Roxy_girl
get a close reletive or friend to look after them while your away. they can just play with the kittens and givethem fresh food and water everyday and you will have 2 happy cats!!

Answer by ty808
too long they would tear up your house. how about a neighbor checking in on them. then go to an animal shelter.

good luck!

Answer by Grampa’s Knowledge
The food part is easy. You simply fill a feeder bin. However, water evaporates rapidly, so they will likely be without water before you return.

Many vets will board animals for a small fee. Don’t be a dicksmack. Take them to a vet for boarding.

Answer by jen
I wouldn’t leave them alone that long. The max I’ve left a full grown cat for is 3 days, and even then had a neighbor check on them. Kittens are very curious and like to get into all sorts of things, including electrical wiring and poisonous plants. Its best to find a kennel that watches cats in your area. It’s relatively inexpensive, if you provide the food. The yellow pages should have a directory for them.

Answer by Linda C
Yes, too long to leave them. What if they spilled their water? What if they got sick? Easiest thing would be to put them in a room and have someone you trust come in and check on them, making sure they have food and water and also give them a little companionship. There are “pet sitting” services that are bonded and can do this for you.

Answer by Vilanshi
Five days without you could traumatize your new friends. You could ask a well trusted friend to come over and check on them once a day and make sure that their litter box gets cleaned and that they get fresh water and food every day. There are many local vets offices that will also provide a kennel service and you could get their shots and check-ups out of the way at the same time. There are services that will babysit them, but my suggestion is the trusted friend choice. I just feel that if you have to take them out of their home at such a young age they may suffer from depression and not eat well. I have a friend that keeps a key to my house in case she needs a place to go in a time of need and she has only used it to care for my pets when I have to go out of town. I leave a set of instructions for her as each pet has different needs. I do the same for her when she has to go out of town also…Friends are better than strangers when it comes to your pets.

Answer by savepaws
Five days is a long time to leave cats alone. If you do not have a friend, family member, or neighbor that could come in and check on them, I would look into hiring a Pet Sitter who would come as often as you request.

My last choice would be to board them at a boarding facility but I would find one where the cats are not boarded in the same area/room as the dogs as that could be much more stressful.

Answer by karen
Check google for pet boarding in your area. I know where I live that it’s only $ 8/day at many nice places. I have a cat that’s a little over 2 years old and the longest I have left him alone is 4 days while I was having surgery. Buy a filtering and replenishable water fountain for them so that eliminates the problem of running out of water if you do in fact have to leave them alone. It works wonders for me. Good luck!

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