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Posted in Toddlers on 19th January 2012

Okay, so I’ve seen quite a few question about extended breastfeeding today and….?
it seems like a lot of answers say things along the lines of “it’s gross to breastfeed a toddler”

So I was just wondering why it is so “gross” and “unnatural” and “disturbing” to see a child breastfeeding and eating something that was made especially and only for that child but nobody finds anything “gross” or “unnatural” or “disturbing” with feeding their child milk that came out of a cows udder that was made for COWS?

My dad said to me one time “There is just something about a woman’s milk that just grosses me out” But he has no problem drinking a big glass of cow’s milk.

I guess I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

Enlighten me please.

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Answer by James’ mom
I think your dad probably pictures breastfeeding moms like cows.

I guess I just find it kinda odd cuz yeah the mom will remind me of a cow feeding her kids lol but it doesn’t mean moms should stop breastfeeding their todds.

Answer by ♥ мσммy ʈσ βαby Ąĺęxíã Ÿủřęĺí ♥
It’s true, I haven’t heard anyone telling me that it’s gross. However, I’m still breastfeeding my 12 month old and people say she’s already too big for breastmilk. But yes, if it was made for babies, then breastmilk is there for a reason. Just ignore people, keep on breastfeeding your child until whatever age you want.

Answer by Cadence Jade’s Mommy
Because if breastmilk is made for humans and its so necessary for them to continue drinking it then why aren’t we all still drinking it? I mean you could breastfeed your husband and your children and the rest of your family even if you really wanted to, but nobody does. Once a child is of age to be drinking cows milk then I dont see a need to continue with the breastfeeding. I wouldnt say its gross or unnatural or disturbing, but I just dont understand the whole arguement that breastmilk is for humans and cows milk is for cows yet adults no longer drink breastmilk…why not?

I have also seen people on her saying their supply has basically dried up…they just breastfeed their toddlers because the kids find it comforting. There are other ways to comfort a child then allowing them to suck from your breast when they are no longer benefitting nutritionally…I find that very disturbing.

Answer by Proud Wife and Mommy
i personally find cows milk disgusting and everyone thinks that is weird, so i’m the opposite. I think the reason why people find it gross is because our society views breasts as sexual, when really they are for producing milk and have absolutely nothing to do with sex, yes men are attracted to them, but sorry to say, guys, they are not for you, lol.

Answer by made you look = )
I think it is because people think anything that comes out of the body is gross. For example: puke, menstruation blood, and pee. The only thing that comes out of the body that is not categorized as “gross” is tears but, they are related sadness so it doesn’t help much. It’s ingrained into peoples minds from pretty much the time they are born.

When people say is unnatural they are not being very smart. 100’s of years ago that is all they had. The did not use formula. It’s probably on of the most natural things our bodies do. People think having sex for any other reason that conceiving is natural when it is probably is one of the most unnatural things ever now. As a society we are a little mixed up. I find it extremely natural under the age of two- three. I personally wouldn’t want to drink but, it’s best for babies and we know that so we should use it as a first choice. There are far more gross things that are deemed natural or normal then breastfeeding.

ETA: To the person who said cows milk was normal. You wouldn’t buy your child cows milk if you could produce it yourself? So why would you need to buy human milk to make it normal. Hormone enriched cows milk is by no means natural. I grew up on a farm I know the crap cows are feed and the stuff they are injected with. I wouldn’t let my child who’s brain is still greatly developing drink the stuff. Natural milk is well natural right from the utter although some sort of pasteurizing should be done.

Answer by Not a sweetie
I wouldn’t say it’s gross to breastfeed a toddler but somehow I feel that there is an age for everything and that when a baby can walk (usually toddlerhood, it’s called), well it’s time to cut that umbilical cord and start feeding that baby the normal way.
Until I see cartons of human milk at the supermarket, I will assume that the normal way is cow, goat or soy milk.

Answer by Kitterkat
there is no reasoning behind it. your dad see’s breasts as a sexual part of a woman’s body. the idea of there being a chance breast milk could come out while a guy is getting a little foreplay action going grosses alot of guys out. contrary to that, it also turns alot of guys on. go figure. also Women often see their own breasts as sexual items too. which is why they place a limit on how old their child can be before they are to be off the breasts. no one wants to think they are letting their baby/toddler nurse at something that can potentially be used to give them pleasure. its all in the mind of the person doing it. and the way they view themselves and their own feelings is how they project it onto other women, judging others actions based of their own biased feelings. it is a totally psychological thing.

Answer by Mummy Wife Friend Life
Sorry dont fit your anti extended BF criteria. Just thought Id offer you some support 🙂

BF 1st 3yrs 4mths, 2nd 3yrs 3 mths, 3rd 3 yrs 3 mths. Wouldnt BELIEVE some of the whispers bout THAT long.

Know what all eat ALL their vegies (sprouts, cabvage etc included) , will take fruit over chips most times. Have no food allergies and few adversions (started solids around 6mths). They are seldom sick & if they are bounce back very quickly. Have had minimal antibiotics. No speach impediments (couldnt understand this one but it was ‘supposed’ to happen), have great teeth, normal growth, top of their year academically & none are weird little deviots with strange fetishes (well not yet the eldest is only 14yo lol)

Want to hear something else really scary? The all slept in my bed & my 5 yo daughter still does. Last night my 14yo son snuggled us too

I just put it down to ignorance & sexualisation of breasts & Hate to sound like my Mother Outlaw but some people just ‘dont understand’

Enjoy feedling as long as it suits you both 🙂

Answer by I Haz A Bucket #4 6/27/10
I think the big issue is that the people who have problems see those boobies as a sex object…They need to realize that that child wont see those boobies as something sexual for quite a few years….Even if its something subconcious i honestly beleive that is the issue as alot of them call it gross and say if they can ask for it they are too big for it…

Its been crazy in here today some really odd questions and alot of harping on the breastfeeders…Which is so hypocritical of all the formula moms who cry that they are picked on for FF…Oh the double sided coin….

I dont understand it either and i Dont breastfeed. Whats the big freakin deal???? Its milk right?? Human milk so hows that different from a child drinking cows milk?? I fail to see the big issue but i think it has alot to do with society sexualising women….Do these people really think mothers weaned at a year 200 years ago???? No not likely it was free food….

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