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Posted in Working Mothers on 11th April 2014

Ok, crazy thing I just though. What if…?
Ok here is my hypothetical question. If a child was born by artificial purposes and was raised in a very plain environment with no human contact. If he was suckled as a baby by a robot or something that he never got to see, (so in the dark or whatever) and he was adequately fed and given enough water as he grew up. And as he grew up and was moved to bright white room with activities ranging from blocks when he was young and punching bags and sticks. When he slept and ate and drank and relieved himself was darker in color. And this whole time he had no human interaction. As he grew would he start to think that the objects were alive? Would he try to befriend them? Would he recreate their sounds, and “speak” to them? Could he integrate into society? Just some thoughts what do you think?

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Answer by Cheryl
Okay, I stopped reading at no human contact. This child would die in infancy by means of failure to thrive. See, for example work done by Harry Harlow with rhesus monkeys raised in isolation failed to thrive. Monkeys with the minimal interaction (a wire “mother” covered in cloth who “fed” them) were much more likely to survive and produce mating behaviors later.

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