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Posted in Babysitting on 29th November 2010

Odd rat question…?
Today I was talking with a friend who is going to “rat sit” for me when I go on vacation. He is a trusted friend and I know he will take good care of my babies. But something came up in conversation where jokingly he said his apartment already has rats (meaning wild ones). I have heard that rats can mate through bars. Would it be possible for a wild male rat to get my girls pregnant through the bars of their cage? The thought completely freaks me out! LOL
I’m sure he was only joking. It’s just something I never thought of before! LOL. Maybe I should put my girls on some birth control … hahah (JK) =)

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Answer by ★Morgan★
haahaha i bet you 90% he was just joking, but it would save you a lot of trouble if you asked him what he ment by that!=]
Anything is possible, but that dose not sound likley

answer mine?

Answer by temari@rocketmail.com
lol! that probably won’t happen, but you may want to get that rat some type of protection or something!

Answer by ✿εмιlч✿
he’s bluffing

Answer by amkoffee
No way this is going to happen. But I love the answer about getting some protection. lol

Answer by Cassidy M
hmmm put a TON of rat poison all around youre rats cage its TOTALLY safe and will keep those horny little wild rats away from youre babies lol jk, jk please dont hehe

Answer by Mandy
It is very possible, depending on how far apart the bars of the cage are. Dogs can mate through fences, so I don’t see why rats couldn’t do that. More importantly, domestic rats can contract diseases from their wild brethren. So make sure he really was kidding because this is the health of your pets at stake.

Answer by darksong17
It’s quite possible for them to mate through the cage bars! It’s also possible for a wild rat to impregnate a domestic one. So definitely make sure he was kidding!

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