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Posted in Working Mothers on 16th January 2011

Obama’s Scholarships For Moms Program Brings Hope to Every Undereducated Working Mother

Have you heard about the newest government grant program laid out by President Obama and his administration? It’s called the Scholarships for Moms Program and it offers the opportunity of a better education to every working mom in America. And it couldn’t be timelier when there is so much unrest due to the shaky economy now.

Women who worry about their jobs can very well benefit from improving their education, obtaining a degree, then either moving up or at least holding on to the job they do have. And working mothers (especially single moms) need all the help they can get as they try to feed and clothe their family.

President Obama increased the Federal Pell Grant program, this being directed toward assisting low income students. And these particular grants apply to the working mothers who can always use a helping hand. When a woman improves her education, she will be able to better her education through college courses that may be taken at the college or university of her choosing.

Even online classes will qualify for this grant money, enabling many working moms to spend more time with their children instead of commuting back and forth to school, after working at their jobs. The online schooling can also work well when those working moms are on the night shift, as they can better shuffle their time around.

Working moms who value their career and don’t consider it just a job are proving to be more loyal workers who give more of themselves to their jobs. This makes them valuable assets to a company and well worth keeping in spite of the economic downturns we are all currently facing. That boost in education provided by the Scholarships for Moms Program can mean better pay and the opportunity to have that top position a working mother deserves.

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