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Posted in Working Mothers on 15th January 2011

Obama’s New Grant Program Gives Working Mothers Scholarship Funding – Get The Education You Deserve!

The fact is the economy is in pretty bad shape lately. Jobs are lost, hours are cut, and no raises appear to be in sight for those who do manage to keep their job. There is help in sight and it comes in the form of The Scholarships for Moms Program. Working mothers as well as single moms can benefit from federal grant money which amounts to as much as ten thousand dollars each year.

Getting a better education can go a long way toward helping the working mother meet the family’s financial needs. The Scholarships for Moms Program is funneling money into the hands of many working moms who need to become better educated. Going back to school seems like a difficult task when that mom has kids to be raised and expenses to pay. Getting a financial boost from this grant money means she can finally afford to improve on that education she left behind when she decided to start a family.

The grant money that is behind the Scholarships for Moms Program has been around for many years and always available to those in need. Now this new incentive program is urging single and working moms to gain that degree or improve on their education. The benefits of that boost in education are huge and long reaching. A typical mom can go from making the minimum wage to double or even triple her income soon after completing her schooling.

Along with returning to the classroom, mothers also have the option of completing their education over the internet and these qualify for the Scholarships for Moms Program. Many colleges and universities have optional online courses now that prove extremely beneficial to mothers who never have enough hours in their day. This allows them to spend more time with their kids and relieves them of the added expense of commuting back and forth to school on top of their job.

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