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Posted in Working Mothers on 10th February 2011

Obama’s Investing In Education For Working Mothers!

For many working moms returning to college has been merely an expensive dream. Sure some financial aid has been available, but until now a higher education meant giving up hours at work, taking a cut in pay, or financially struggling to make ends meet in hope of a brighter future. Never mind the concerns for repaying those student loans a mere six months after graduation. Then there are the hours of quality time with their children they would have to forfeit, missing those important moments; time, they would never get back. Obama’s scholarships for mother’s may be the answer their prayers.

Federal dollars have been allocated to colleges for Scholarships and grants to assist working mothers to fulfill their educational dreams. Pell Grant funding has already been increased, and there are plans to increase the amounts in the near future. Tax benefits for the first 00.00 spent on education expenses are now allowed on your yearly income taxes. Furthermore, traditional campuses are not the only source for these scholarships, online courses, and schools with a concentrated learning program in a particular field of study are also eligible. All participating universities have scholarships, grants and financial aid available for students based on income and need. Once education expenses are covered, the remaining funds may be used for household expenses, helping to take the stress off of working students with families. Furthermore, there are federal student loans available that can be forgiven if a person applies their newly acquired trade in a needy area.

To learn more about financial assistance and how to apply, visit your local university’s financial aid and scholarship office website, or speak to a financial aid advisor.

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