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Posted in Working Mothers on 17th April 2012

obama’s fathers day speech?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj1hCDjwG6M is he saying that we need to give more to the welfare system? i was a single white dad. i fell on hard times at a point. i went to the dhs for assistance and was denied before my butt hit the chair in the interveiwers office. me and my daughter starved that month while certain, “mothers” waltzed in and out with the golden ticket. so many of these “mothers” look at giving birth as a career paid for by the american taxpayer. i’d always worked and paid my taxes for, then, 30 years, and am a veteran…having paid the taxes that fund these programs. all i wanted back was some assistance for one month….i watched one “mother” walk out saying,” thats a new record for me!”, she was in and out with the loot in less than 10 minutes….i waited all day and was denied as soon as the interveiwer saw me….yea obama, let’s give em raise and we’re all so proud of how hard they work. get real!

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Answer by sassinya
He makes me hurl ….

Answer by P.L. Y
This speech is just a sample of B. Obama lack of understanding the problem..he has no clue about real American problems

Answer by shark&awe
No surprise there huh?

Answer by GreatBuddha
News flash.

The welfare system has seen a rise in people who are in need.

You can blame that on gas and food prices.

So once again Obama is right, as the gas and food prices go up a lot of people are going to go the welfare office.

Thus were going to have offer more welfare.

Honesty sometimes where are you people from?

Answer by Emma
I didn’t hear Obama’s speech & I am undecided on who I will vote for in November – but I felt compelled to write & let you know that what YOU experienced is not alright, and there are alot of us who find the comment by the “mother” abhorant…I hope that things work out for you & you and your daughter are in my thoughts.

Answer by GoGirl!
He makes me want to curl up in a ball in my bedroom and not come out for another 4 years.

Answer by If you want CHANGE cash a dollar
This system is unfair to single fathers. I worked in a court for a summer and watched this happening again and again. I am sorry for you. Obama is a fool, plain and simple.

Answer by TiedtoaRainbow
That’s why they are voting for him. They believe he will increase their benefits through the working class tax dollars. Obama and his supporters would tax the middle class into the poverty level leaving no one to pay the bills. Rome fell due to overtaxation of its citizens. His supporters equate voting for him as getting a raise in their monthly checks.

Answer by Barack, My Brudder, He MUSLIM!
His speech was for black fathers only. Don’t take offense, just observe as he gets his butt whipped in the election.

Answer by darowdomo
His whole speech was bias.I have seen some people on food stamps with no shame they will announce it clear across a grocery store to their friends that theirs came in that day, I would be so embarrassed I would have to shop on the other side of town. woul

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