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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th March 2012

Obama Will Offer Scholarships for Single Mothers

Article by Marlon Jackson

Single working mothers have probably the hardest job of all, in having to take care of their families on their own. Higher education is only a wish or a goal that has to be put on hold in order to take care of other responsibilities, for many moms. President Obama, together with his new administration, is, however, encouraging moms to make their education a priority. Obama scholarships are giving working mothers a great chance to improve their futures. While people of all ages are encouraged to seek higher education, Obama is urging working moms in particular with his Scholarships for Moms program. Building on The Scholarships for Moms program, is the federal government’s abiding offer of Pell grants. The most commonly applied for forms of aid for students going to college are Pell grants. These are applied for through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. To encourage more mothers to return to school, the Obama administration is making some changes now. The biggest incentive for the Scholarships for Moms program is the amount of money that is being offered. The maximum amount awarded through Pell grants is about $ 4,000 per student, but for mothers who apply to the program, that amount is increased to $ 5,000. The purpose of these grants is to allow working moms to return to school and earn a degree. In turn, that will allow them to better provide for their families now as well as in the future. The administration also envisages that by equipping mothers with skills to earn more money as working professionals will also be a stimulus to the economy. Without worrying about the costs of school or having to pay back money for a loan, Moms can receive an education.

Another great incentive for moms considering this program is that it applies to enrollment in nearly any type of higher education institution. Four-year universities as well as smaller community colleges, are covered. You can choose either a public school or a private one. If staying on campus isn’t an option, then busy moms can study through online courses. The government’s Scholarships for Moms program really is a comprehensive attempt which attempts to get eager mothers back into the classroom.

The Obama scholarship really takes a lot of the worry out of returning to school. In almost any area of interest working moms can earn a degree, thus they can be fully equipped to provide for their families. Higher education doesn’t have to be an unobtainable goal or an unfulfilled wish any longer. The Scholarships for Moms program is designed to help create a brighter future for mothers and their children.

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