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Posted in Working Mothers on 11th December 2010

Obama Scholarships for Moms: For Working Mothers Who Want to Improve Their Future

Even though the US economy is going through some hard times, there are some bright spots that should encourage you to look to the future. The government hopes to encourage women to go to college through Obama scholarships for moms. All types of mothers now have the chance to get a quality education that will undoubtedly benefit their families and future employers. Federal Pell Grants make Obama scholarships possible. The Obama administration made some changes to Pell Grants to put emphasis on getting moms to go back to school. Now Pell Grants can be awarded in amounts over ,000. That makes these grants worth more than ,000 over the previous maximum. Because these grants are meant to help low-income students, that means many single mothers are eligible. To deal with this, the government is encouraging moms to go back to school. Having money to go to college could benefit both stay-at-home mothers and working mothers. Also, there are other benefits to these grants to add incentive for mothers to enroll in college. Large colleges and universities obviously attract many students. For single mothers couldn’t do this, it may have prevented them from going to college. The Pell Grants take this common factor into account. Whether a working mom wants to attend college part-time or a stay-at-home mom wants to take online courses, these specially targeted grants make it possible. You can study anything: nursing, business, education and more. More important than the major is that now single moms have better opportunities to study. For single moms who want to start on a different path, an Obama scholarship may be the answer. The steps to look into applying for a scholarship are quite simple. Remember that you need to fill out the FAFSA online. It’s the application for federal student aid. It’s a free application, and there is plenty of information to help you learn what’s available. The American Opportunity Tax Credit program states that the first ,000 of your education is free, so keep that in mind. When you weigh your options, consider this as well as the possibility of getting a grant. By having the chance to go to college to advance their education, single moms who are working or stay-at-home now have a tremendous opportunity. The chance to receive government grants and other free opportunities are meant to help moms care for their families and increase the money they can earn as important members of the workforce. The Obama scholarships help women have the chance to improve their family’s future as well as their own.

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