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Posted in Child Care on 19th July 2011

Obama Care… is this what we have to look forward to?
Do you think it’s possible that under Obama “Care” we will face mandatory abortion like China? That if after a couple already has one child, after the health “care” is implemented, that they will mandate you abort???

That’s why I’m asking, in China you don’t “apply” for anything like that… so do you think that when the government is in total control of our health care that they will decide paying for neonatal care is too costly so “breeders” will be forced to abort?

And I’m serious, I’m curious what people think… not being hateful and would ask this if Bush were the one proposing socialized medicine… party is irrelevant.

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Answer by aj
Most people are responsible parents so this would not apply to them. It is the breeders and sperm donors we should go after.

Answer by eldude
No, I think even the ACLU will have to object to that.

Answer by Ed J
“I” think your hate is obvious, please get some professional help before that hate destroys you.

Answer by allysum19

Answer by Tucking Fypos
Do you seriously believe that for a second?

Answer by sister_godzilla
I think it’s possible under socialized health care since basically we will be “owned’ by the state.

I also think older people will be allowed to die under government health care instead of being given help. The government will think it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money since they’re “old”.

Also, people will be denied care if they are heavy drinkers or drug users, smokers, overweight, engage in promiscuous sex,etc. Once they are “cured” of these habits, they will be allowed health care.

Answer by wendy c
I’d say that it is far more important to consider millions of Americans who die for LACK OF MEDICAL CARE…
than hypothetical garbage about what does or does not go on in China.

I also would ask.. WHO has the money to lose, and is willing to keep spreading lies that Obama wants “government to be in total control of our health care”.
He is not proposing socialized medicine. He is trying to find a mean to have health insurance that anyone in the country can afford, without taking away the choice of others to continue with private health insurance.
The LIES are planted by those who make money by keeping things the way they are. At the expense of people’s lives. LITERALLY.
Stop spreading lies.

Answer by Joseph M

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