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Posted in Child Care on 24th April 2012

Obama care? Exactly how will my elders be treated?
I’m just curious, but it sounds to me like if they pass this “Obama Care” that it will cause more suffering than good. I mean if the government is controlling my health care and I get sick with lets say cervical cancer. It spreads but there is a 20% percent chance that I may survive treatment and beat the disease. I am left in the hands of politicians to determine if it’s worth the governments dime to allow me this chance? If the odds aren’t in my favor, will I be denied? The same with the elderly. If they are already 80 years old, are they going to say, well, they really aren’t going to live much longer anyway, the odds of this procedure actually working is only 10% so it’s better if we just help them die! I know most of you will probably think this is a little radical, but ask yourself, do you trust your government enough to make those decisions for you? Would you put your mother’s life in their hands? How about your babies, your brother? My answer is hell no! I don’t trust them to make a decision on gas prices, don’t screw with my life or the life of my children!

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Answer by confused
You are right. If the plan passes, the government will choose who is considered a productive member of society and if you are not, you will not receive benefits. You will be screwed and basically left to die. it is a horrible plan and doesn’t make any sense other than Obama wants to socialize America.

Answer by Country Mama
Have you heard of The president speech.

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