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Posted in Babysitting on 25th February 2012

Nurture Your Ba the Safe Way With a Ba Crib

Article by Sally Mason

Having baby cribs is a best way of giving safety to your child while growing and making your baby sitting easier. It is necessary to give your child comfort and attention in giving rigid supervision where to safely place the crib. For the first 2 to 3 months of your baby, sleep is one of the most important factors to new born babies other than the caring of parents and the need for milk.

In choosing baby cribs, take note of the following considerations: First, it must follow the safety assembly instructions. The screws, bars, bolts and others fasteners must be in place and tight. Next, it must meet the minimum safety standard set. Baby crib related injuries have been recorded that 26 infants die and 11,500 are hospitalized due to hand-me-down cribs or low quality cribs. The distance between vertical bars or slates in the headboard or footboard must not exceed 2 3/8″ wide (about the same width of the soda can). If the spaces are bigger, babies can squeeze in their body and might get stuck, or can lodge himself out. Corner post should not be higher that 1 1/16″ because higher post can strangulate babies. Their dress can catch on corner posts higher that 1 1/6″. Third, it should have mattresses and bumpers for safety. They should be firm and tightly fit to the crib. Another thing to consider is the drop side. Make sure that it is properly installed because it might trap your baby or if it not properly set up, the baby might fall. The fourth one is the “teething rail guard”. This will protect your baby from chewing on the railing. Choose also those that have no chipping paint or sharp edges; it is hazardous to the health of your child. Lastly, consider also portable or convertible type which is ideal for travelling. With this type, check also the simplicity of instruction in assembling it and it’s safely.

These tips may seem too many but be of great help especially for first time parents. As parents, the primary concern is safety and protection. With baby cribs, you will nurture your baby’s growth and development the healthy way but also, gives them full protection. It is also a very big help for busy parents and for working parents as will. Cost sometimes reflects quality. The more expensive the item becomes the more comfortable and safe it is. In buying, get one that gives value for your money but never compromise the safely. Remember, in saving, there is a risk. Bear in mind that your crib cradles your innocent baby.

Definitely, you will feel at ease when your little one is safe in his crib. Choose the best kind that is not only cute but safe!

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