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Posted in Toddlers on 25th January 2013

newborn, infant, baby, toddler and child? What is what?
I’m really verwirrt.Zwischen what age a child is born as a new, child, baby, infant and child? My baby is 4 months on the seventh. What it is, a baby or a toddler Best Answer (s):

response from Aidyn [[9:26:08]]
Both.Baby is another name for a child.

response from yume
a baby Please answer me .. Dankvon elaeblue = 0
newborn to 3 months baby / toddler = 3 to 12 months Toddler 12 months to 2 years

reply by Dominic I
think this is really a matter of personal opinion. I would say they are a baby, run until they can do is if they have a small child you are born anew for the first few months become (they toddle around!) – That is, if they at their sweetest as baby hair smell Tinly little finger and little noises they make. You will be a child until you think they are old enough to be considered a different title classified werden.In answer to your question, its up to you. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Enjoy parenthood, it’s the best thing in the world!

response from kαngєl [jαkє rívєr the mummч] I
just guessing here but I would say probably up to 2 newborns defined Monaten.Ein baby and infant food are much the same thing I think? A toddler is 18 months + and a child is 4 +

reply by Gemma
A baby is used to describe a new born and a baby, a new Born in anywhere up to two months, one child up to 10 months and a child over 1 year I guess a baby is only used to describe it, not so much to describe her Alter.Hope this helps 🙂

response from lynangel3804
Over all, she is still a baby. A baby is just another name for newborn / infant. To be more precise, the term “child” is derived from the Latin word babies, meaning “unable to speak.” “Infant” is also a legal term for each child under the age of legal Erwachsenenalter.Eine human infant less than a month old is a newborn or a newborn. The term “newborn” includes premature infants, post-mature infants and full Neugeborenen.Nach reaching the age of one or beginning to walk, infants are classified as “toddlers” (generally 12-36 months) bezeichnet.Für more information about this topic I have provided the link for you: you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfantWenn this question because certain clothinging will say newborn, infant, baby, toddler, but have similar months under different categories, just go by months or age. For example, Newborn 3-6 Mos, 3-6 Mos baby., And Infant 3-6 Mos. are all equal. And when she gets older, for example, 24 mos. = 2T (toddler). Hope this helps you! =)

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