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Posted in Child Care on 12th January 2012

Neighbor brandished a firearm at a child?
We have been harassed by our neighbor for the past 10 years. Yesterday my 14 yr old son and his friend were foolishly shooting the bb gun in the backyard. My son came in the house for a minute and his friend waited outside and his friend saw the neighbor aiming a shotgun at him. We called 911. While I waited for police to arrive the neighbor is in the street yelling for me to “call the cops I don’t care”. The cops arrive and tell him in no uncertain terms that we can take a warrant out on him for brandishing a weapon. He then changes his tune and apologizes to our family.He offers us free tickets and offers my son rides on his 4 wheeler. They have never even spoken to my son in a kind manner in 10 years. The police advised that if we pursue the warrant the problem may escalate. I know how unstable this man is and I don’t believe he has learned his lesson.If the situation was reversed I know they would press charges.I am torn. I just want to be left alone. Maybe a restraining order.?

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Answer by smcgilli
defiantly pursue the warrant.

Answer by oldmarine08
Be the better person and take his apology, ask for a restraining order and then go from there!

Answer by Kenneth M
Document his behavior with the court. You have to protect yourself and your family. If he pulled the trigger, you might could have been dragged to court by your son’s friends family.

Answer by Cookie
You answered your own question…
Why would you want to irritate a person who is unstable? How are you going to teach him a lesson?
You are asking for trouble. Your son is 14 and this neighbor could make your life and your sons life MISERABLE by calling the cops and making false statements and lord only knows what he’d do. You may want to warn your son about usuing the BB gun when he’s around, it could be a problem. 14 yr olds don’t understand what “the problem” is and can do little things to irritate adults just because they are 14 and don’t realize the power a crazy adult can have over them.
LEAVE HIM ALONE If the police suggested to me that it could make the situation worse….I would believe them!
Cops don’t make those kind of statements and/or suggestions unless they know something or believe it could happen.
Just be polite, take nothing from him and go about living your life. Hopefully he’ll move! LOL

Answer by Run Bike
I would press charges.

Answer by Brian
Theory: He claims he saw someone with a gun in your backyard coming toward his yard. He grabbed his shotgun not knowing what was going on or if he was going to need it! By you own admittance your child and his friend had a gun (albeit a BB gun but how is he to know?). He claims he grabbed his gun in case he needed for self defense(his legal right). Your child on the other hand started this incident by brandishing a gun. Right or wrong do you want to bring this scenario to court?

Answer by jackson
Yes your child messed up. Your kid needs to be taught that there are consequences because what might happen next? He needs to see the law in action and realize that the slightest misstep can have repercussions.

But in regard to the neighbor and what was said…… sometimes all needs to be broken down in order to rebuild. It has been ten years right?

Do you really want the neighbor in charge when your child is on his 4 wheeler? Great….. something happens and you will be sued. Tickets? What message are you sending to your child.

Regardless someone brandished a lethel weapon. A person only does that when they have reason and are prepared to do so. One stroke of that trigger and you have no kid. This person might try to reverse it but your son is a minor. The judge will be more interested in the fact that an adult had a weapon.

Press charges and pursue the restraining order. Once that is done the neighbor will leave you alone. If it escalates in any way you will have proof.

Answer by gomanyes
You have 2 choices:

1. don’t pursue the warrant and hope that you can get this under control directly with your neighbor

2. pursue a restraining order and let it escalate.

If you feel confident that you can accomplish #1, it is probably the better option. But if you feel it’s too risky, then go ahead and get a restraining order. It’s not worth it to put your kids at risk, especially if this guy is mentally ill.

Answer by Mr. Goodhi ©
File charges against him.

Answer by savage_percussion
File an injunction against him and get his license to handle a firearm taken away.

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