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Posted in Child Support on 1st February 2012

need very serious advice on this situation? Child support and Alimony invovled?
My husband has a record which is making it very hard for him to get a job. My parents help me pay my health insurance. I have a health issue and i had 5 surgeries in 3 year and numerous hospitalization. I was keep getting fired from it because i had too many doctor’s appointment coming up and all the surgeries and my ENT doctor also told me i need a hearing aid. I asked my ENT doctor how much does it cost to get my hearing aid and he responded “about $ 1000 for each pair”. I am only 23 year old and I am going through a lot of health issue. This is why i could not get a job. Last time i lost my job because my boss was calling me from far away and i could not hear him. he said this happened so many times and he need to let me go….. I have been receiving unemployment and that stopped a long time ago too. My husband ex-wife has no way of knowing my personal problem and she think i just sit home all day and do nothing (she said once ” If she is working.. that’s a good thing because i can get more alimony and child support”)

She just started working 1 year ago and My husband helped her found that job otherwise she would not seek for employment.

My husband income has dropped by a lot and He is on unemployment ( his last job ran out of business ). One time he found job and he went there and they run the background check on him then they said no.

We can barely make it and we are thinking about moving to another country(Asia).
One of my friend is there and he said he makes good money teaching english. My husband is thinking about doing that.

My husband went to court to modify child support and dismiss alimony.
He showed all kind of proof that he made payment on time and he does not owe any money. Our income is about $ 1500 a month and his alimony and child support payment is $ 1000 a month.
We can only have $ 500 left. We live in my parents house which i don’t have to worry about the rent.
She again lied in court about she pays everything for the child and she have nothing for herself. Her son told me that is a lie and she never pays anything on him and she lied about a lot of stuff.

Now .. Order is dismissed. Child support and Alimony is still $ 1000.
My husband have provided everything and every single evidence.

We have a lot of her voice message saying ” Your son is drug addict and I don’t want him no more. I don’t want to take care of him. You take custody .. blah blah blah”

What can we do now?

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Answer by George
I presume you live in Massachusetts where the income of a second spouse can be used to increase alimony and child support?

He does know that if he is paying too much child support due to being unemployed, he can go to child support enforcement and make an official request to modify the order. They are required to help either parent upon request, by federal law.

Further, if there is a legitimate reason for any arrears, such as unemployment, the obligor can still file for a reduction in them. Most Child Support obligors do not know there is free help from the state, by federal law, to obtain a modification. At the minimum, a motion should be filed to have any interest penalties set aside, which can double or triple the amount owed. Of the total media “reported” amount of child support owed, 83% if interest penalties and not unpaid child support. These links will teach what needs to be known about child support.

As for reducing the amounts, it sounds like he needs to be learning more about his rights, and how court watchers make judges very honest.

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