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Posted in Toddlers on 3rd January 2014

Need help with 4 year old behavior?
I have a 4 year old who does not hear, and I would appreciate your advice! He just does not listen. He has his own head, and I can not cheat to do something it. Not good to eat, do not go to bed on time, watches TV all the time or want to play games. ? Terrible 4 Best Answer (s):

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to be more specific with your question what to do everything to hear if it something he should, then a big deal out of it I do not say, that you think I am to buy it for somehting good just saying that you have to praise him a lot when he does good and try-outs with him maybe that luck to work

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if your previously your four year old go to his level and ensure that their eye contact is so he or she knows that your serious and you used your attention! He worked

Answer by Kelly My advice would be to take responsibility for your child instead of your child, you take over for me. Why is a 4-year-old have the option not to listen? If you / him tell her to do something, and she / he does not, ask again. Tell them if they do not this time the TV / computer / toys / friends / whatever is going bye-bye do it, and they spend four minutes in time out chair. Then she laid it actually and they stay. Do not give up, because every time we win one more child and to gain more power over you. You expect, and you must be the parent and not allow them to dominate you. And by the way, never shout.

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I have the same problem with my son who is 4 years old and I take him in time out and put things away from him when he is naughty. it seems to work, I would

answer by TalkingToToddlers.com try
Hello, I have a number of tools that can help you. Upfront disclosure: I am the author of “Talking to Toddlers”, an audio course for parents of toddlers and children up to 6 years. See http://TalkingToToddlers.com for Details.Meine most important recommendation to you is that you “Enter his world”. Before you ask anything, make sure you. Having your son in a stable relationship If you him to go to the table to eat while he is playing with his toys and come upon him for a minute and talk about toys with him. Get him interested in what you say. Then take dinner with him questions like “How do you know if you are really hungry.” Be playful, entertaining and kreativ.Wenn you do this, you play on emotion. Children (and adults) do not act on logic most of the time on the base. They act on the emotional association to actions. You need to focus your attention on moving your son’s emotional state where you want it – on the behavior or action that you wollen.Ich could go on for hours, but I hope that this advice will help you further.

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