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Posted in Babysitting on 20th January 2011

Need gift advice. Any grandparents-to-be here?
I am busy manufacturing a first grandchild, and my father’s birthday is coming up.

It occurred to me that it might be nice to get him something of use for grandfathering.

But, what?

Probably not great to get something that screams “We’re really looking forward to the free babysitting,” yes.

In his non-grandfather role, he’s a math prof who likes to garden, if that helps. My mother is a photography buff with all the equipment, so that’s out, at least beyond a nice picture frame.

We don’t know the gender; the baby won’t actually show up until summer. (Which, I have to point out, did not stop my family from getting me almost naught but baby-related gifts for _my_ birthday a few weeks ago…)

Any ideas beyond a nice picture frame? I am not completely adverse to things that’ll be useful when sitting; they do live nearby and will undoubtedly sit, so to speak, but something overtly practical seems like a bad idea.
Re. “His birthday is not about your child.” Agreed; he’s getting a present for him as well; this is just a side thing.

That, and, well, I have to get my parents back for getting _me_ baby stuff for _my_ birthday. Heh, heh…

Best answer(s):

Answer by MOT-XJ
you could get your dad and the baby a matching set of gardening tools in a little basket, you can get small gardening gloves, and little tools and get your dad the exact same tools, just bigger, even if he has them already it would be a cute idea… congrats on the new little one!

Answer by chairkiss_silver
His birthday is not about your child. I am sure that they are thrilled about the baby but the day is completly about him.

Maybe you should take him out on a private father daughter date, that way you can get to spend some one on one time before the baby gets here and theres no time to do it.

Answer by shorty
He can always use some new gadget for gardening. And there plenty of them out there. Don’t make his day about your up coming birth.There will be time enough to get into the Grandpa things.

Answer by LadyLuck
Perhaps your father might enjoy a grandfather figurine. Both Willow Tree and Precious Moments make nice figurines for reasonable prices.

Answer by MrsZ
Okay, I have 3 ideas:

(1) Baby Einstein makes math flash cards and I think your father might appreciate those for his one on one study sessions with his new grand baby.

(2) Your parents might love a gift certificate to shutterfly.com to have prints of photos made – it’s a great site and they offer everything from black & white to prints on canvas, so your mom could get really creative with shutterfly. Go look at their site: it’s free, the allow you to store TONS of images, very reasonably priced and excellent customer service.

(3) There is the option of having a 3D/4D ultrasound done. They are perfectly safe for you and the baby. Most companies that offer them give you black & white images, color images and a 20 to 30 minute DVD. Although that’s not anything that will assist them in caring for your baby when he/she arrive, it’s an awesome gift, after all it’s their FIRST grandbaby!!
Look here: http://www.1800sonogram.com/?gclid=CIfKwLWwwIoCFQQRgQodakAZfQ

Best of luck to you and your new baby! You’re going to have a blast!

Answer by mikey
Get him a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle made of all your own family photos like this http://www.giftweblog.com/2006/08/24/personalized-jigsaw-puzzles-from-your-own-photos/

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