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Posted in Babysitting on 2nd February 2011

Need a sitter for my 10 month old?? where do i look?
My whole family and all of my friends work, and the one that doesnt is disabled. I need a regular sitter so I can get a good job, but I don’t have a sitter and can’t afford any $ 10/hr kind of “certified babysitting” services. I’m flat broke and out of options. It’s so stressful!!! Her father doesn’t help out at all either.

Any ideas?

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Answer by momof3
You may qualify for state assistance for daycare.

Answer by Merry C
I would look for one at church. Often times churches have bulletin boards with listings of people willing to babysit.

Answer by ana
Ask any of your friends or relatives if they know anyone. My BF recommended where she takes her 3 yr old son and my 4 month old will start going in march i cant wait.

Answer by sevenofus
I have been a licensed child care provider in my home for 21 years. I suggest you look in your phone book’s yellow pages under the heading of “Child Care Referral Services”. You will probably find at least one and maybe more organizations that help licensed facilities (both homes and centers) match up with families needing child care. There are often scholarships available to low income families plus some larger daycare centers offer fees on a scale based on income. You may also want to inquire with the local office of your department of social services. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for some child care subsidy funds. They may also be able to help you get some child support from your child’s father. $ 10/hour is very pricey for a regular child care facility. You may pay that for a teenager who comes to your home occassionally or a nanny may make that much, but most licensed child care homes and facilities do not charge that much. I charge $ 3/hour for my home child care. My grandson goes to a daycare center 3 days per week and my daughter and son-in-law pay $ 42/day for that service. It all depends on your area and the type of care you can find with openings. I have heard some people who suggest looking on Craig’s List, but I have never used that.

Answer by Maureena♪
Go to ur local human services office (welfare office) and what you do is tell them you’re trying to get a job and you have no money to pay for child care, they will give you a list of certified child care sites and if you qualify they will pay all your child care expenses and your transportation needs (if needed). There are soo many resources in US, its just knowing how to use them.
Once you get some money flow then you just tell human services that, you got it covered.. That program is great for those with kids and are trying to work.

I was with my mom when she applied for it, and we checked out about 6 child care facilities before settling for one (it was for my 2 yo brother) it was difficult for us to find one because my brother has special needs but we found a few we really liked and they were able to properly care for my brother. You Just gotta find the one your comfortable with:).

Good luck!!

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