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Posted in Babysitting on 26th November 2010

Name the breed/How big do you think these pups will get?
I’ve just rescued two 10 week old pups from an irresponsible owner. They were malnourished and dehydrated, but after a week of nursing them back to health, they are happy and playful and get along great with my other dogs! They are really smart and they’ve learned “down” “sit” and “high 5” already. 🙂 So, tell me, how big will these babies get? What breed do you think they are? They are brown/black brundle with white splotches and tummies.

Pics here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v42/raysingyrl/New%20Pups/

ps – yes I realize you can’t really say what a dog breed is definitively without proper breeding/papers, I’m just wondering what the consensus is here based on these photos. Again, I rescued them from some moron who had 10 pups that were suffering. I’m sorry I couldn’t rescue more.

Moron owner claims they are Am. Staffordshire Terriers, and I didn’t have the chance to see Mom. It was like pulling teeth to try and get the idiot to release two of the pups to me. He was trying to SELL them. UGH! So annoying. (He was my best friend’s roommate, and finally my friend just started giving the dogs away to save their lives).

Yes, I saw the “dad” dog. He is GINORMOUS! Black and white, pit like muscles, but super tall like a great dane. So, idk?!
Woops, I forgot.. they weigh 8-10lbs now. They’ve grown quite a bit since I adopted them a week ago. At that time, at the vet, they weighed 7lbs (boy) and 8lbs (girl).

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Answer by Anarchy
Hmm im not sure on the breed- looks like a mix of a few. But based on the fact they are quite large at 10 weeks and the size of their heads Im thinking they will be medium to large sized dogs.

Good on you for helping some dogs in need 🙂

Answer by Xena Pug
awww, they are very cute!

their color markings remind me of boston terrior. and their size reminds me of pitt bulls.

best wishes.

Answer by Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts!
Did you see the mother/father?

How much do they weigh right now?

I thought they looked like pit bull type puppies. So cute! I love the white faced one.

Answer by Anonymous
Look at the paws on them, they are going to be big! Look like American Staffies or Pit Bulls. But boy they’re going to be big, especially since you said their dad was. But they are adorable dogs and sound smart. 🙂 Good luck with them.

Answer by m_lee
They look like pit bulls to me and if so they are going to be pretty big. 60-80 lbs.

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