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Posted in Child Care on 9th February 2013

is myspace dangerous than facebook?
ok, so I have a facebook, let my mother to me without hesitation. she has one, and it allows them to establish contacts and get closer to her friends she thought, ill let my son try this! At first I was happy, but then I realized none of my friends do it all facebook myspace. But she said that she does not let me make a myspace because quote “come all the bad stories from myspace.” MySpace is worse than facebook Best Answer (s):

response from Jeff
I think she means all the bad stories from facebook kommen.Die tearful and LAME stories come from myspace.

response from tjc450 is
myspace not dangerous, other socal media sites on the Web

response from Rockey
There are both equally as bad, it’s just Myspace is popular with the younger people and Facebook is popular with the elderly. just do not like to be the girl in the news broadcast link that meets a stranger through Myspace and ended up murdered. They can not believe that 90% of what you read on the Internet.

answer by Josh
MySpace for some time, so of course it will be more “bad stories” about them. MySpace also has a larger amount of young children, and of course, “bad things” are more likely to have younger children passieren.Aber two similar sites, and if you are not a little kid, I assume you’re not me, you ‘re at as much risk on both sides. But with simple common sense, neither place is dangerous. These “bad stories” usually the young girls from going to “guys” they. On MySpace and can not find who they say they are satisfied meet If you do not, you’re not in danger. It’s as simple as that. Ready

response from sum1thatcares
Good for the “do not care” is myspace dangerous person. During my small internet safety project that I discovered when I was looking for a child, I can MySpace and look for people staying at some point in less than 30 minutes and not be logged. While on Facebook the next issue is not logged in and tracking of people, the account name, the. Your full name in the project itself, you hat.Verstehen base in a predator that does not not talk to their victims So they relied on people placing too much information, or information on to their friends place. Information might words, photos, videos or even your friends list. There was a person. Only a first name, a city and a picture of them in their backyard, and it took five minutes, because her first name was unique for the school and they made the honor roll, the names filled in the last And the backyard was for the satellite image to place on überprüfen.Verstehen Facebook is also dangerous because it will forward the name. In adults and a first and last name you FriendFinder that you lost their home address, or use a white page site for finding an address when the phone number is public. With children, you need to find out finden.Schulen to the adults around the child, sports teams, newspapers are using excellent source of material to a child and their safety. Even parents are because they carelessly put information about yourself that might endanger her child. In order to understand the crazy for information, you can sometimes locate a person with only (for example) a YouTube account or photobucket. This is because, photos and videos can reveal too much. Also understand if your son follows know any safe practice to God, he still could, because the friends are. When friends give certain information that your son, your son would have gave it away for all IT Angelegenheit.Also basically OMG “my child is talking a predator” … should “, a predator can not find my house without going any with me.” With the latter … all online communities are dangerous. Then again, the silent predator is rare or children would be freed from their homes in the middle of the night all the time. I think I can roughly estimated 20-30 percent of the children are found, while 70 to 80 percent of the adult can be found. In children it is usually because they had made the honor roll or a team roster, but sometimes it was just a friend. Adults …. Phone book or lost friend finder. BTW some of the lost friend finder need only a first name and a place to connect … arbeiten.So You are probably a child of a person who can not find what you kidnapped your child online, they only saw in the mall, walking home, etc. As an online pedator conversation with your child happens to be an off-robber and a non-talking pedophile kidnaps a child is even more random and rare. If you want to be protected, you buy your son a cell phone with a GPS tracker. In this way, you know where he is, if the phone is still with him.

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