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Posted in Toddlers on 22nd March 2014

My three year old is not sleeping well..I have cut out suger after 3 p.m.,and cut naps.HELP?
Destroys her room when everyone is asleep!!

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Answer by day dreamin baby
i don’t know. Try punishing her if she doesn’t stay in her bed. Take toys away or something like that.

Answer by Mahzy
exercise, play, run around the yard, ride bikes, enroll her in a soccer class, wear her lil butt out before bed. watch for tell tale signs of tiredness….yawning, rubbing eyes, etc. what makes YOU tired….will work on her too.

Answer by jeboshea
She may have insomnia. I know it sounds silly, but I was an insomniac from day one. My mother had a hell of a time getting me to sleep, it was almost impossible. Just tire her out as MUCH as you can. Don’t punish her for it, it’s not her fault. However destroying the room feel free to punish for lol. She will grow out of it eventually (although it took me about 18 years). One thing that magically worked was my mother bought me this stuffed animal and used it to talk to me at night. She would talk to me and try to persuade me to go to sleep with the stuffed animal.

Answer by ore2nc
Does he or she take an afternoon nap? That could be the cause of being awake at night. It’s a nice break in the day but my kid stopped taking naps pretty early on. We still had a quiet time where he could play in his room, read books or watch a video but no sleeping. You might try putting some books in his/her bed and tell them that that’s what you do when you wake up and everyone else is asleep. Stay in your bed and read some books or play with a favorite toy. Distroying the whole room is not an option, if he/she does that then make him/her help you clean it all up. Three isn’t too young to learn about consequences. Also, some good exersize through the day usually helps too. Good luck!

Answer by mya
cut out sugar all together for about a week and also ask her if she has been having any bad dreams that are keeping her awake!

Answer by b_w
Routines are good if it’s trouble actually getting to sleep; try a little drink or snack, then teeth brushing, and then bedtime stories. The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed is a good story for that.

It helps if you both are on the same waking/sleeping schedule, so if she sleeps late wake her when you get up. You should not go to sleep until she does.

If she goes to sleep and wakes in the middle of the night you could use a motion sensor to wake you and you can take out what she’s been destroying, leaving her with nothing to do.

What does she destroy? If she’s dumping out toys and clothes it’s just a mess. If you are concerned about her safety, you should ask her pediatrician what you can do.

Answer by aminnich04
I would suggest getting the book “The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers”. It changed everything for us. We found out that cutting naps and having them run around is actually worse. It makes their little brain go into over drive instead of settle down. We started using putting our son to bed at 7:30 and helping him to learn progressive relaxation. We spent months sitting with him in the evening helping him fall asleep, but now we read a story and say goodnight. He’s out within fifteen minutes!

Answer by kakapobirdthing
As aminichO has said, definitely buy some books on the subject. You don’t realise how much information there is about sleep issues with kids. There will certainly be a book that has answers on precisely this problem. Why fumble in the dark when you can read what an expert has found to be a proven solution? Lack of sleep is terrible for parents and children. Get serious help from a book which won’t cost much and could really improve everyone’s quality of life.

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