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My son is 2 years old adn still sleeping with my husband and I. ….?
Ideas quietly move him in his own bed? Most nights he will sleep in my living room, then I move him to his room where he sleeps for an hour or so. I tried him stay in his room, but he will cry and scream for more! I need help! ! ~ Best Answer (s):

response from lizette811
Try a bedtime routine. My daughter says night-night for all (including the fish =) I read her a book, then they will bring in bed. When I started this routine, they screamed and screamed! But after a week, she would just roll and cuddle with their blankets. Sorry honey, but you have to leave them in her room. He begins to cry because he realizes you arent ‘there. They cry only so long before you get to sleep and Exausted. This habit is hard to break, but after a week or two, he’ll be fine with sleeping in his own bed. Maybe try a stuffed animal to keep him company. Remember to stick to your guns and do not let him in your bed under any circumstances.

response from sali s
habits are hard to break. Adults have trouble breaking bad habits, think about how hard it is for a toddler. The only way to do it, to do it – you know what I mean. You need to be the parent and set the rules – that is, not to give in, how long it takes. He will finally fall asleep from exhaustion. I know it seem hard, but you need him cry. Keep going into his room every 10 minutes or so and give him a hug and said good night, then leave and close the door. You need to be the strong one, it is really the only way. It is also a good idea to do the same every night, for example – since my son 6 months or so I fed him dinner, gave him a bath, put on his pj, had an hour or so of rest time and the give everyone a kiss and say: “night” and went into the crib. Yes, it was hard at first, he cried every night for about 30 minutes for a week. I would sit in my room and cry, listening to him, but it was only a week and now he goes to bed with no problems. This may take a little longer, because your son is a bit older, but he will learn .. Good luck and patience.

response from Laura
The previous posters given good advice, I just want to add how important it is to him to sleep in his own bed. Can you imagine if you slept in the bedroom and woke up in another room, say the kitchen? They would become disoriented, it’s no wonder that he weint.Starten you a routine for bedtime and aim for an early bedtime, because it’ll take some time for him to fall asleep. You do not want him to c tired b / it will only be more difficult. (My 2 year old is in bed at 7:45.) See if he comforted a Lovey, a favorite stuffed animal or a blanket around him you nehme.Seien patiently with the little guy. He is to cuddle with you, and it will take a while for him to sleep on his own.

response from ds1978
We had the same problem when my son was 18 months old to 2 years. Used Whenmy man he would not sleep at all in his crib, so I brought in the bed. When we started him out of our bed, it was a gradual thing. We have a toddler bed in our room, after he would fall asleep, we made him in his crib. We have also made sure that his favortie stuffed animal for comfort. After i remain his bed since we got him asleep in his bed before he fell asleep and left him. We moved his bed in his room, and he slept really well there. On the occasions that he made out of bed and wanted to sleep with us, we took him back to his bed. It took a while, but he’s four now, we do not want any problems with it ahve more sleep in our bed.

response from Momof2
It will be hard but you have to start with him sleep in his own room and let him cry to sleep. We did this at age 6 months with our two children. May take a while, because your son is two. I agree with the people who said to establish a routine. Our children to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth at 8:30 clock. We read books to 21.00. Then we say prayers and each child takes to sing a song. My daughter has a few favorite stuffed animals that she’s sleeping with. My 2 year old son has a stuffed dog and a soft blanket that he is mag.Es be very difficult, but you have to cry it and under no circumstances bring him back to your room. You can go and quietly tell him that he is doing well. Tell him that he is a big boy now and it is time for him to sleep in his big boy. You will probably sleep 3 to 5 nights is not very good, but after that it should start to get used to the routine. Good luck!

response of Kells
you have a problem, as he is now 2 years old and has never learned how to bed. At his age, he will definitely resist any attempts to change what he used wird.Das only thing you can do is try a bit of controlled crying. Make sure he sees his own bed than to be a pleasant and safe place. Does he sleep a comfort item such as a favorite stuffed animal, with? That could allow helfen.Statt him, you fall asleep, you have to just put awake in his bed. Do this after your usual bedtime routine (bath, story, etc.) and tell him that everything is fine, he is just going to sleep now. Maybe put a chair next to his bed and stay with him, but without contact to just sit still. Of course, if he hysterically you have to comfort him, so give him a hug, then put it back. Do it as often as necessary, but you must know him, that he did not sleep in his bed with you, but you stay close to him and help him (if you leave him just scream, he will feel abandoned and anxiety). It will cause stress and sleepless nights, but stick with it. You should be able to then gradually his chair away from his bed, until you can just quit altogether. I’ve read that it is a very effective method and only take a few days to a few weeks to resolve the problem if you would consistently sind.Ich not later than 08:00 clock recommend for a 2-5 years old child before bedtime. You need a good 10-12 hours of sleep, especially since her nap usually not so long in this Stadium.Versuchen you this book, it’s wonderful, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers” by Tracey Hogg. It addresses all of these issues, and especially focuses on sleep disorders and why they occur. It made me realize what I’m doing wrong with my son (we rock him before letting him sleep in bed – then I have realized that it is a bad idea, and began teaching him how to sleep on his own), and It is full of common sense and practical Informationen.Good luck! (Mum of 2 small children and former early childhood teacher)

response from inmytree
As others have said, a routine vital is. At this point, it comes to be a power struggle. My son has learned that if he cries and cries, meets his needs you werden.Sprechen with your husband and come up with a game plan. Make sure you’re on the same page. Be prepared to have some sleepless nights. You say your son is two. As his speech is developing? What I mean is, how much he understood. Maybe playing the “you’re a big boy now” can help … Here is a good article about sleep issues … http://parentcenter.babycenter.com/0_bedtime-battles-how-to-nip-them-in -the-bud_65497.pcZu this time, it is to come down, who will take longer, you and your husband or your son.

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